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Parts by Number for Magnifying Lens Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
59-620-007 Newark / element14 SAAME Not Provided SAAME - 59-620-007 - LENS; 7X; FOR MAGNIFYING LAMP
26501-SLA Newark / element14 AVEN Not Provided AVEN - 26501-SLA - LENS; 2.25X; FOR MAGNIFYING LAMP
MA 1070 Newark / element14 EDSYN Not Provided EDSYN - MA 1070 - SPARE LENS; MAGNIFYING 7X
407 Newark / element14 EXCELTA Not Provided EXCELTA - 407 - MAGNIFYING LENS
17847BK Digi-Key Luxo Optical Inspection Equipment MAGNIFIER WAVE 3.5-DIOPTER LENS
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Conduct Research Top

  • Natural Lenses in Space Stretch Hubble's View of the Universe
    The NASA Hubble Space Telescope serendipitous survey of the sky has uncovered exotic patterns, rings, arcs and crosses that are all optical mirages produced by a gravitational lens, nature's equivalent of having giant magnifying glass in space. A gravitational lens is created when the gravity
  • Hubble Discovers New Class of Gravitational Lens for Probing the Structure of the Cosmos
    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a new distant class of quadruple, or cross-shaped, gravitational lenses which might eventually provide astronomers with a powerful new "magnifying glass " for probing a variety of characteristics of the universe: the distribution of dark matter
  • Gravitational Lens Helps Hubble and Keck Discover Galaxy Building Block
    billion years as the age of the universe). The discovery was made possible by examining small areas of the sky viewed through massive intervening clusters of galaxies. These act as a powerful gravitational lens, magnifying distant objects and allowing scientists to probe how galaxies assemble at very
  • NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Uses a Distant Gravitational Lens to Explore the Cosmos
    billion light-years away. The gravity of the galaxy cluster acts as a natural "magnifying glass, " bending and focusing the light of the distant galaxy into several images each of which is enlarged and made brighter than would otherwise be the case. This rare combination of Hubble's powerful telescope
  • MICRO: Spotlight
    with contact-angle measurement to evaluate wafer surface conditions. Included is a high-resolution camera and magnifying lens with high-intensity LED lighting for precise image capture. (S.F., North Hall, Booth 5160) designs and manufactures x-ray-based tools for the semiconductor manufacturing industry
  • Micro-Stepper Motors Bring Pictures into Focus
    like modern camcorders. The user does not have to stay at a specific distance - a key benefit compared with magnifying glasses. Furthermore, the two independent lens systems guarantee a three-dimensional field of vision. In practice. Infinitely variable zoom function, autofocus and parallax control
  • Analysis of Visible Light Images
    chamber axis. (1). plasma guns, (2) CCD viewport, (3) external anode, and (4) magnet coil. (b). End-on view: (5) 35 mm wide angle lens (6) magnifying lens (7) telephoto. eter, 30 cm focal length convex lens magnifies the wide. attachment, and (8) magnetic shield housing. angle image(6). Mounted
  • Medical Device Link .
    , outer dimensions) that varies from part to part. One prototyping method entails an operator holding the device with tweezers under a magnifying lens and using a series of mechanical tools to shape the device. Laser ablation offers a one-stop method to machine the polymer-based 3-D device. Similar

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