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  • Adsorptive stripping voltammetry of Ni(II) using fast linear sweeps
    Readout: HP 7044A x/y-recorder by means of a self- made digital -to- analog converter or host computer through a RS232 in- terface.
  • Nitric oxide gas stimulates germination of dormant Arabidopsis seeds: use of a flow-through apparatus for delivery of nitric oxide
    A computer-controlled setpoint controller was custom- made to allow for simultaneous control of eight MFCs using a RS232 -controlled analog to digital con- verter (WTADC-M) and two digital to analog converter (WTDAC-M) cards (Weeder Technologies, Walton Beach, FL, USA).
  • Applied Mechatronics
    Interface encompasses all software and hardware that makes the interplay between the MCU and the real world possible, including analog -to- digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters , communication protocols such as the RS232 , and so on.
  • Vehicle, Mechatronics and Information Technologies
    … the master chip can use high speed single–chip microcomputer which consists of two digital-analog converter, two analog - digital converter , programmable amplifier and so … … of bus such as RS232 , the CAN bus can … … any company, which can make loom run 1000 rotate/second.
  • Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics
    … detect the distance between the workpiece and electrode, is also connected to PC through RS232 serial port. There is an analog -to- digital converter between the AVR microcontroller and the EDM machine, it makes the voltage between the tool electrode and the workpiece can be read by the AVR controller.
  • Portable microprocessor system for tremor signal recording
    Thereforc is made usc buffer latch for widen standard address bus (additionally 4 lines). In control module is possible beside microcontroller and memory, serial interface module realizing choice setup cooperation ( analog / digital converter , master computer) and matching signals to standard RS232 ; setup space adress decoder; control signals buffer for analogue part recorder .
  • DSP-based robust control of an AC induction servo drive for motion control
    The TMS320C14 has many good features which make it a good candidate to realize digital control for power converting systems, such as multiple independent programmable timers, 200-ns instruction cycle, 16-bit parallel multiplier, and on-chip RAM and ROM, etc. [12]. The hardware circuit of the proposed DSP-based fully digital servo controller consists of a 16-bit TMS320C14 single-chip DSP, six-channel multiplexed 12-bit analog -to- digital converter , 4K-word external program memory, and an RS232 computer interface.
  • Design, development and characterisation of a FPGA platform for multi-motor electric vehicle control
    5) Auxiliary Modules – Additional modules are used to make the interface with external peripherals: modules for counting the pulses sent by the encoder, SPI communications with the Analog to Digital converters , input deboucing, etc. … bit registers (32 registers for write and 32 register for read) are accessible by a RS232 link.
  • eHealth solutions in the context of Internet of Things
    The 10 bits internal analog-to- digital converter is used to acquire the analog signal(s) provided by the acquisition module. The connection with the two other units is made with two connectors: one for a minimal RS232 channel (2 wires for the transmission and two for the supply lines) and one for an analog signal (2 wires for the analog signal and …
  • Development of Low-Noise / Low-Power Preamplifier for the Readout of Inorganic Scintillators and their Mass Production Test System
    … a standard Digilent Basys 2 FPGA board with two standard and two custom made peripheral modules (Pmod … The standard Pmods are a RS232 serial- converter interface and a 16 bit digital -to- analog (DAC) converter.
  • Multi-channel ultrasonic sensor system for obstacle detection of the mobile robot
    analog - digital converter circuits to digitize the received ultrasound signals, 32 bit high performance DSP for signal processing, obstacles position … … in/out ports to control the sensor driving and receiving hardware and the communication circuit consists of one RS232 and one USB2.0 … … 0 supports the data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps and this can make the digitized ultrasound …
  • A low cost amplifier and acquisition system for cortical-electroncephalography in non-human applications.
    A simple circuit is described to make an AC-amplifier and an analog -to- digital converter in a single, compact solution, for use in basic research, but not on humans. … computers; using proper firmware and driver the communication with the device is an emulated RS232 serial port.
  • Detection of buried magnetic objects by a SQUID gradiometer system
    Here the data of all sensors are read out and acquired by self- made electronics. The heart of the acquisition unit is a microprocessor which reads out several analog - digital (AD) converters and RS232 interfaces.
  • Advanced Designs and Researches for Manufacturing
    includes a capacitive polymer humidity sensing element and with a band gap materials made of temperature-sensitive components, these two sensitive components and a 14-bit A / D converter and a serial interface circuit design on the same chip. … photo sensitive resistor and a precision resistor to divide the voltage, in order to get the current voltage values of the current brightness, and through STC12C2052AD internal microcontroller integrated 8-bit DAC, to converse analog signals into digital , to obtain the current … RS232 communication module Electrical level standard convert .
  • Novel Algorithms and Techniques In Telecommunications, Automation and Industrial Electronics
    If the acquisition board is placed at a considerable distance from the PC, the acquisition is made through serial RS232 by a RS485/RS232 converter . … serial into a memory variable of string type as in the example: unit data[100.000], where data[i] = [0x0F& high_octet] *256 + low_octet meaning high octet has the first n bits equal to zero (the analog -to- digital converter works on 12 …