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  • Melt Processable, Fiberglass Reinforced, High Heat Thermoplastic Polyimides (.pdf)
    The addition of fiberglass to a new high temperature (Tg 267°C), thermoplastic polyimide yields blends with enhanced performance (these blends fall under US export control restrictions). High stiffness and low CTE make these good candidates for metal replacement. Their facile melt processability
  • Continuous-fiber Extrusions Make Strong Thermoplastics
    A new process combines the economies of extrusion with the strength of composites. CFT materials are stronger, tougher, and more durable than fiberglass-reinforced plastic pultrusions. Tool handles, for instance, are less likely to shatter upon impact, resist UV degradation, can be postformed
  • The Anisotropy of Dielectric Constant in TLY-5A Material
    Dielectric Division or Industry Peers. Contact us for more information. Taconic ADD publishes technical articles in trade magazines and presents technical papers at microwave conferences. We also receive technical articles from our customers and leading OEMs. We would like to make them available to our
  • Case Study: Vibratory Tray Feeder
    down or degrade the. fiberglass with ±2 percent accuracy. advanced coating to make it work for. fiberglass material.”. The vibratory tray feeder has no mov-. ing parts, bearings, or brushes that can. wear or need replacement, it doesn’t. require mechanical adjustments, and. no lubrication
  • Dirt Control In Statically Charged Environments
    , with holes cut out for mounting or. filling, become a huge problem for small particulate removal. The best way to minimize material getting into the hollow part. is to keep the cutting tool sharp, minimizing the formation of small pieces that fall into the container. Static charge will. make it difficult
  • Engineers Take New Look At Strength Of Industrial Glass
    panels. Other types of fiberglass are used to make heat-resistant cloth, rope, and home insulation. To improve a particular formulation of glass and devise new applications for it, researchers need to know how strong it is under ideal conditions. So Gupta and his colleagues -- Charles Kurkjian
  • Case Studies Involving Jaeco Pumps
    for prospective customers to make trial runs on standard production lines. Like all plants, this one involved a lot of piping. The product was produced from a highly corrosive organic acid thus the piping had to be corrosion resistant. Additionally, since the product would be consumed in quality foods
  • Silicone Rubber Thermal Interface Materials: Applications and Performance Considerations
    Simple composits of silicone rubber, extending filler, and fiberglass offer an attractive combination of thermal, physical, and electric properties that make these materials an ideal choice for use as thermal interface materials. Good dielectric strength and low thermal impedance that is relatively