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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6029282 PLC Radwell Sick Optic Electronic Not Provided CONNECTION CABLE, 5MCABLE, EXTENSION, FEMALE, MALE
CBLF40M25X450 PLC Radwell Moxa Not Provided 4 PORT FEMALE 40 TO MALE 25 CONNECTION C
CBLM78M25X8100 PLC Radwell The Moxa Group Not Provided DB78 MALE TO 8-PORT DB25 MALE CONNECTION
BDB0505A256K158 PLC Radwell Baumer Electric Sensors & Switches, Encoder & Resolver ENCODER INCREMENTAL W/14PIN MALE CONNECTION
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  • Threaded Connections
    SEALANTSWILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE A PVC OR CPVC VALVE. APPLY A SUITABLE THREAD SEALANT, SUCH AS COMPATIBLE TAPE to male tapered threads to assure a “leak-tight” seal. Note that sealing tape will “string” as pipe threads are joined. Loose “strings” could lie across the seating surface and prevent the valve
  • Adapting Press-Fit Connection Technology for Electronic Modules in Harsh Environments (.pdf)
    the demand for solderless connectivity. Electronics Industry for many years. A number of. Methods for such solderless connection are well. methods of male/female pin and socket connections. known. Initially utilised by the connector industry. are used by the “connector” industry
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    time and effort. In the case of assembling components such as amplifiers and filters with coaxial connectors, joining two components by mating male (plug) and female (jack) connector pairs is simpler and faster than soldering or hard-wiring a connection between the two components. And most coupled
  • Synthetic Lubes Protect Electrical Connections, Reduce Warranty Claims (.pdf)
    or she. nection to stop moisture. plugs it back into the. from entering and corrod-. circuit, and the com-. ing the contacts. This is. ponent works again. Micromotion causes fretting. INITIAL. especially important for. of the male and female The simple act of dis-. connections exposed to. contact
  • How Hot is a Broody Emu?
    Male emus are devoted parents. They do all the incubation of their partners eggs. Given they neither eat nor drink while on duty, the clients research was into the physiological consequences of this dedicated eight-week fast. Also incubation often begins before the last couple of eggs are laid
  • Pressure Transmitters for Steel and Aluminum Mills
    . - 1/4" BSPP Male Process Connection Available (contact factory for other options). Rugged Construction. - Stainless steel housing welded to the sensing element. - Cable connection withstands system wash down. Outstanding Performance. - Accuracy: < +/- 0.25%BFSL of FS. - Optional < +/- 0.1% BFSL
  • Medical Device Link .
    A contract manufacturer mass-produces disposable lines for monitoring anaesthesia gas and carbon dioxide by coextruding polyethylene/PVC or PVC tubes and assembling male and female connectors. The ISO 9001 - and ISO 14001 -certified company can perform any kind of manual medical device assembly
  • Medical Device Link .
    of standard materials including PPS or LCP insulators and BeCu male contacts rated at 1 A. Optional anodized aluminum shells are available for enhanced durability and additional. MPMN March 2001: Spotlight. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical
  • Medical Device Link .
    terminals, coupled with a redesigned, precision-moulded liquid-crystal polymer insulator, provide a rugged and durable contact system suitable for the demands of blind mating. The connectors ' shrouded design includes polarized male and female engagement to prevent 180 out-of-orientation mismating
  • Medical Device Link .
    are pressure activated. The needleless sites offered by DirectMed Inc. (Glen Cove, NY) make any line or device available via a standard male luer. A seal between the injection site and the syringe is secured by the four-part site. Fittings used in the sites meet ANSI and ISO 594 standards, and all

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