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  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Fracture Failure of Countersunk Flat Head Screws Case
    . The results were compared to the C21 grade as specified by Italian and German specifications. High manganese content of the samples precluded conformance of the screws to Italian C21 specification per UNI 6922. However, none of the samples conformed explicitly to the German C21 grade relative to DIN
  • Stainless Steel for Semiconductor Applications (.pdf)
    , including: cleanliness and composition of the materials of con-. struction for gas delivery systems. The semiconductor. • low manganese 316L for welded assemblies used in. industry has standardized on AISI 316L stainless steel. corrosive gas delivery systems. for the majority of gas delivery applications
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    in the same volume as a standard 9-V battery. Also available are Thin-Cell batteries featuring thicknesses of as little as 0.019 in., high-rate lithium manganese dioxide cylindrical cells, and lithium-ion rechargeable units. Ultralife Batteries Inc., Summit Plaza, 160 Summit Ave., Montvale, NJ 07645
  • SteeLog (R) - A Metallurgical Dictionary
    alloying elements to harden fully during cooling in air or other gaseous mediums from a temperature above its transformation range. Such steels attain their martensitic structure without going through the quenching process. Additions of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and manganese are effective toward
  • The Proliferation of Lead-Free Alloys
    nearly assures that most. developed the data in Figure 2. Note that a small amount of. electronic products will have some mixed alloy solder. manganese (Mn) increases the drop shock performance by. joints, as an example a BGA with SAC305 solder balls that. about a factor of 10. The alloy