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  • Scanning for Ideas: Building a Better Rat Trap
    eatsup metal conductors in the controller, killing mechanism) 2- It is hard to get a cell signal from under the manhole, this has been tried and the only solution is to drill the manhole cover and install an antenna on the outside. Keep in
  • On the cutting edge of FEA
    a pickup punch used in progressive dies. The punch cracked at an antirotation feature. Geometry that lowered the strain in the part solved the cracking problem. The underside of a manhole-cover model from LeBaron Foundry shows simulation constraints around the edge. Changing the geometry
  • Greyline Area-Velocity Flowmeters in Denmark
    which clips to the manhole frame. The Greyline AVFM Flowmeter, battery, data logger, modem and other equipment can be set on top of or suspended from the cross beam. Municipal staff have easy access to electronics just below the manhole cover and the whole assembly can be raised and removed from
  • Micropilot M FMR 245 Toluene Diamine Measurement
    a manhole cover 24” in. high level switch for overfill protection. diameter where several devices were. The Liquiphant’s FEL 54 electronics with. mounted. A new cover was manufactured. an explosion proof enclosure has been. to accommodate the FMR 245 transmitter. the typical installation at this plant
  • Hand Application, tank preparation and application instructions.
    be sticky to the touch when applying the finish coat. While the first coat is. setting up, Pre-Krete the manhole cover to which you previously have tack welded wire mesh or. metal clips. This is essential in receiving a good bond to the cover that is generally subjected to. rough treatment
  • Your Facility is Leaking - Get the Picture
    the insulation, rendering it largely ineffective and will begin to transfer heat into the ground around the leak, producing the classic bulge or balloon-like hot area straddling the line. Some leaks may show up as an overheated manhole or vault cover. Manholes or vaults that contain leaking steam
  • How Bypass Projects Have Changed During the 21st Century
    , vacuum-assisted, 10-in. non-clog pumps that are controlled by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) operating off of pressure transducers and installed in an adjacent manhole. The original telemetry from the pump station is also tied in to the VFDs. The district’s control room receives alarms and warning
  • Taking Groundwater Out of Its Place
    than other dewatering companies is its innovative, aggressive techniques,” Minihan said. “There are so many different aspects to the company other than the dewatering, like contract management, rentals, sales and service. We can do small jobs like a manhole tie-in all the way up to dewatering