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  • Scanning for Ideas: Building a Better Rat Trap
    eatsup metal conductors in the controller, killing mechanism) 2- It is hard to get a cell signal from under the manhole, this has been tried and the only solution is to drill the manhole cover and install an antenna on the outside. Keep in
  • On the cutting edge of FEA
    a pickup punch used in progressive dies. The punch cracked at an antirotation feature. Geometry that lowered the strain in the part solved the cracking problem. The underside of a manhole-cover model from LeBaron Foundry shows simulation constraints around the edge. Changing the geometry

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  • Sensor Networks
    J. F. Mastarone and W. J. Chappell, “Urban sensor networking using thick slots in manhole covers ,�? in Proceedings of Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 2006, New Mexico, USA , July 2006.
  • Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    It exports in Europe and to the USA . After 3 years of research, they have implemented a device designed to easily raise manhole covers .
  • Patent-part
    In the cover 19, a manhole 21 with VerschluB 22 is mounted. That the kon-29) USA .
  • Adaptive composite antennas for a city-wide sensor network
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907, USA E-mail: Abstract: A city-wide wireless sewer sensor system becomes ‘intelligent’ by having adaptive manhole cover antennas.
  • Optimisation of a piezoelectric system for energy harvesting from traffic vibrations
    The analog voltage is digitalized and logged in the sampling frequency of 1 KHz using an embedded controller (model cRIO-9014, National Instruments, USA ). Fig. 3 shows typical acceleration data and associated power spectrum when a car passes over the manhole cover .
  • Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems
    Mastarone, J.F., Chappell, W.J.: Urban sensor networking using thick slots in man- hole covers . Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 2006, New Mexico, USA (July 2006) 11.
  • Performance of new resin cement in rapid manhole vertical adjustment
    C. Falk: ‘Rehabilitation of manhole covers ’, Trenchless Technol. Res., 1999, 14, (2), 39–46. P. Forst and J. M. Pitt: ‘Cementitious liner design for in situ manhole rehabilitation,’ Proc. Conf. on ‘Trenchless pipeline projects’, Boston, MA, USA , June 1997, ASCE, 150–156.
  • CR4 - Thread: How Do They Do It?
    New 3d printers kept secret from us in the USA , all us cartoon avatars have to chime in , it's LYN Why do they make manhole covers round? so they won't fall in [before asking "Who is John Galt?"] .
  • CR4 - Thread: Electronics News
    I have to recommend "Nuts and Volts" last of the hobby electronics magazines published in the USA . Why do they make manhole covers round? so they won't fall in [before asking "Who is John Galt?"] .
  • Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control
    This chapter, through the case studies, covers a wide range of bioreactors including a single-stage biofilter, stacked tray biofilters, manhole cover biofilters, biotrickling filters, and several biofilter applications related to sulfur compounds, the most odorous compound found at municipal wastew- ater... An example of industrial odor emission application in the USA is the use of a biofilter for the elimination of odors at the Detroit, Michigan, plant (Fig. 1.1).
  • CR4 - Thread: Work In Manhole With Energized Cables
    brich (2); fixitorelse (1); jmueller (4); KJK/ USA (1); Natfuelbill (1); PeterT (1); TonyS (1); wareagle (1 Previous in Forum: Is There Any Governing Body that Certifies Labs? You might be interested in: Manholes and Manhole Covers , Patch Cables and Cords, Computer Cables .
  • Arcing fault detection in underground distribution networks-feasibility study
    In underground secondary distribu- tion cables in ducts, the decomposition gases escape to the ends of the duct, typically, manholes , where they can ignite fire or explode, throwing out the manhole cover . ...with the Energy Systems Research Center, University of Texas, Arlington, TX 76019-0048 USA (e-mail: charytoniuk@uta...
  • The utility’s perspective on calculating “stray voltage”
    J. D. Bouford is with TRC Engineering, LLC., Augusta, ME 04330 USA (e- mail: about shocks received while using in -ground swimming pools. Metallic streetlight poles, manhole and handhole covers , guard rails and fences have all been implicated in causing people to receive electrical shocks, with some being fatal.