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  • Scanning for Ideas: Building a Better Rat Trap
    eatsup metal conductors in the controller, killing mechanism) 2- It is hard to get a cell signal from under the manhole, this has been tried and the only solution is to drill the manhole cover and install an antenna on the outside. Keep in
  • On the cutting edge of FEA
    a pickup punch used in progressive dies. The punch cracked at an antirotation feature. Geometry that lowered the strain in the part solved the cracking problem. The underside of a manhole-cover model from LeBaron Foundry shows simulation constraints around the edge. Changing the geometry

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  • Sensor Networks
    J. F. Mastarone and W. J. Chappell, “Urban sensor networking using thick slots in manhole covers ,” in Proceedings of Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 2006, New Mexico, USA , July 2006.
  • Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    It exports in Europe and to the USA . After 3 years of research, they have implemented a device designed to easily raise manhole covers .
  • Patent-part
    In the cover 19, a manhole 21 with VerschluB 22 is mounted. That the kon-29) USA .
  • Adaptive composite antennas for a city-wide sensor network
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907, USA E-mail: Abstract: A city-wide wireless sewer sensor system becomes ‘intelligent’ by having adaptive manhole cover antennas.
  • Optimisation of a piezoelectric system for energy harvesting from traffic vibrations
    The analog voltage is digitalized and logged in the sampling frequency of 1 KHz using an embedded controller (model cRIO-9014, National Instruments, USA ). Fig. 3 shows typical acceleration data and associated power spectrum when a car passes over the manhole cover .
  • Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems
    Mastarone, J.F., Chappell, W.J.: Urban sensor networking using thick slots in man- hole covers . Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 2006, New Mexico, USA (July 2006) 11.
  • Performance of new resin cement in rapid manhole vertical adjustment
    C. Falk: ‘Rehabilitation of manhole covers ’, Trenchless Technol. Res., 1999, 14, (2), 39–46. P. Forst and J. M. Pitt: ‘Cementitious liner design for in situ manhole rehabilitation,’ Proc. Conf. on ‘Trenchless pipeline projects’, Boston, MA, USA , June 1997, ASCE, 150–156.
  • CR4 - Thread: How Do They Do It?
    New 3d printers kept secret from us in the USA , all us cartoon avatars have to chime in , it's LYN Why do they make manhole covers round? so they won't fall in [before asking "Who is John Galt?"] .
  • CR4 - Thread: Electronics News
    I have to recommend "Nuts and Volts" last of the hobby electronics magazines published in the USA . Why do they make manhole covers round? so they won't fall in [before asking "Who is John Galt?"] .
  • Sell Mfg Exp of Cast Iron Castings - Manhole Cover Frame, Grates, Valve Box, Wa
    … wide range of castings, from components weighing a few grams to counterweights grossing in excess of 1 … … hydrants, Valves & Water Meter Boxes along with the Municipal Castings used in USA & Middle East. We are manufacturing & exporting GRAY CAST IRON MANHOLE COVERS and FRAMES, GRATES, SANITARY CAST IRON (Surface Box, Valve Box & Water Meter Box) and PUBLIC WORK CASTINGS.
  • Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control
    This chapter, through the case studies, covers a wide range of bioreactors including a single-stage biofilter, stacked tray biofilters, manhole cover biofilters, biotrickling filters, and several biofilter applications related to sulfur compounds, the most odorous compound found at municipal wastew- ater … An example of industrial odor emission application in the USA is the use of a biofilter for the elimination of odors at the Detroit, Michigan, plant (Fig. 1.1).
  • CR4 - Thread: Work In Manhole With Energized Cables
    brich (2); fixitorelse (1); jmueller (4); KJK/ USA (1); Natfuelbill (1); PeterT (1); TonyS (1); wareagle (1 Previous in Forum: Is There Any Governing Body that Certifies Labs? You might be interested in: Manholes and Manhole Covers , Patch Cables and Cords, Computer Cables .
  • Arcing fault detection in underground distribution networks-feasibility study
    In underground secondary distribu- tion cables in ducts, the decomposition gases escape to the ends of the duct, typically, manholes , where they can ignite fire or explode, throwing out the manhole cover . … with the Energy Systems Research Center, University of Texas, Arlington, TX 76019-0048 USA (e-mail: charytoniuk@uta …