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  • Brushholders and the Performance of Carbon Brushes
    A carbon brush is an electrical contact which makes a connection with a moving surface. Optimal performance on motors, generators and other types of moving contact applications will be attained only when the carbon brush, the brushholder and the contact surface are properly designed and maintained
  • The Use of Industrial Brushes (.pdf)
    An updated booklet for the use of Industrial brushes for Deburring, Edge Blending, Radiusing Carbon, Weld, Oxide or Scale Removal, Cleaning, Surface Finishing, Polishing or Roughening. With some outside comments on standard deburring practices... Right or Wrong. 12 pages.
  • Bristle Brush Material Descriptions
    This page describes the different types of materials used for brushes including animal hair bristle brushes, vegetable fiber bristle brushes, synthetic material brushes, and wire bristle brushes.
  • Carbon Brushes for Elevators: Composition, Function, Solutions
    The purpose of this presentation is to review the basics in the composition and application of carbon brushes and to address the specific issues related to elevators. Through the development of greater awareness and a more thorough understanding of the proper function of a carbon brush, it is hoped
  • Chemical Reactivity with Brush Materials
    This chart shows the chemical reactivity with brush materials.
  • Proper Motor Brush Selection When Brush Life is a Concern
    One of the most critical parts of this type of motor is the interface between the brushes and the commutator. Poor material selection and improper design considerations can affect both the life and the performance of an electric motor. This post briefly covers the factors which contribute to brush
  • Brush Selection for Chain Lubrication
    brushes also act as a cleaning mechanism by sweeping away dirt accumulation and old lubricants.
  • Cartridge Brush Design For DC Motors and Gearmotors
    The traditional method for mounting copper or silver graphite brushes in brush-commutated DC motor and gearmotor assemblies has been to solder the brushes onto standard cantilever springs to enable the required constant contact with the commutator. This conventional spring design, however, carries

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