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  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    well suited to freeze dryers with automated loading or unloading features. PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control. Digital Magazine: Subscribe. RSS. Contact Us. Advertise. All. Articles. White Papers. Products. News. Member Login. Become a Member. Home. Topics. Aseptic Processing. Automation & Control
  • The Future of Freeze Drying (.pdf)
    dryers. The tray freeze dryers require the use of a large chamber for freezing and a vacuum. pump for removing the moisture. In the drying chamber the material to be dried is. put on trays and the trays are placed on cooling/heating shelves. First the material is. frozen by lowering the temperature
  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    statistical methods to estimate average process parameters "an imperfect process that isn't well suited to freeze dryers with automated loading or unloading features. "From the PAT viewpoint, one issue with using resistance probes in vial products is that you are monitoring a very local environment, " says
  • PAT Advances Freeze Dryer Control
    loss during the process. Mechanical Optimization Centers on Auto-Loading Since the 1980s, a major trend in lyophilizer design has been the automated loading and unloading of freeze dryers, limiting operator exposure. All lyophilization vendors offer automated systems, and anticipate demand
  • Air Dryers
    Water vapor is contained in high-pressure air. In vapor form, the water does little damage in most components. But if the water is allowed to condense in the system, it can rust pipes, freeze up actuators, and damage a process, tool, or instrument. Manufacturers of pneumatic components normally
  • Managing Risk in the Manufacture of Oncology Drugs
    By Lee Karras, SVP of Operations, AAI Pharma This could be done through cleaning automatically, as is the case with isolators with integrated spray-ball systems (the same is true for freeze-dryers) or even manual cleaning of these surfaces with swab sampling of areas where product is made
  • Interphex Booth Previews
    whether your process has entrained air, goes from liquid to gas and back again, or requires that you start from an empty tank, minimizing costly rework and product losses. Quantum series of pilot and production-scale freeze-dryers from is available with 6 to 450 sq. ft. in shelf surface. Fully 21 CFR
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 2
    that because the freezing of a 3% lactose solution requires a temperature of only 30 C, the refrigeration system in most currently manufactured freeze dryers would be adequate. The isotonic 3% lactose solution requires additional refrigeration capacity to obtain shelf-surface temperatures of 65 C
  • Draining a Pressure Vessel - A No Brainer?
    liquid corrodes metal pipes or can freeze. A pitch of a 1/4” per foot of pipe is a good guideline. 2. Make sure that the drain pipe has a vent. Otherwise, you may accidentally pressurize the building’s drain system and have geysers all over the place. Humorous to some, but not safe or productive