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  • Valve Actuator Opportunities with Shale Gas in the U.S. in 2014
    Domestic Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) production is projected to increase by more than 45% by 2040. What are the resulting opportunities for valve actuator manufacturers?
  • Application Note: Sensors and Switches Used in Valve Actuators and Valve Positioners (.pdf)
    A valve actuator is a pneumatic or electric mechanism used in process control systems to automatically open or close valves. Potential Applications: Valve actuators can be used with either linear or rotary valves in industrial, medical, food and beverage, and transportation applications.
  • Multi-pole Connector for Nuclear Electric Valve Actuators
    Nuclear valve actuators are safety related devices, and defined as essential. equipment for an emergency reactor shutdown, containment isolation, reactor. core cooling, containment and reactor heat removal, or otherwise essential. in preventing significant release of radioactive material
  • FieldQ Valve Actuator - English
    FieldQ patented, position sensing system: The FieldQ actuator (1) has a patented, contactless position sensing system. This system consists of a position probe (2) which is rides on a special curve (6) in the pinion bottom. The curve is shaped in such a way that the position probe moves linearly
  • Custom Valve/Actuator Assembly Provides Realistic Firearm Simulation
  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    of 3M. Air x Air: Valves or actuators controlled by compressed air that require at least two air inputs for movement, ie, air on one side to open the valve, air on another to close the valve. Also known as double-acting. Air x Spring: Valves or actuators controlled by compressed air that require
  • Assured Automations Announces New VAX Valve - Cycle Life Extended By as Much as Ten Times Conventional Valves
    Assured Automation announces a new line of VAX valves for applications that require fast actuation, and strict durability and reliability. These compact valves combine a process valve and actuator in a single integrated unit with only one moving part. The VAX valve has a coaxial design offering
  • 31 Helpful Valve Actuation Terms
    The following list of valve actuator terms may assisted when explaining your automation needs, to help us better serve you.
  • Dispelling myths of valve selection
    Most pneumatic system designers are familiar with the flow coefficient as a means of gauging flow through various fluid-power components. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception in the industrial community that doubling a valve's flow coefficient, or conductance, , cuts actuator stroke time
  • Electrical Actuators ELQ
    of the actuator. All these options may be installed on actuators with or without local control boxes. Speed control, with continuous and pulsating speed reduction. Local control box with soft-touch control knobs and protection class up to IP68. Position transmitter. Valve-positioner, with automatic

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