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  • Cryopreservation and Reanimation of Living Cells
    For decades, cryopreservation has been used for plant cells, unfertilized (oocytes)/fertilized (zygotes) human and animal eggs, and male sperm cells. The cryopreservation process typically involves using liquid nitrogen to quickly deep freeze the cells to -196°C allowing all metabolic processes
  • Study: Ice Forms A Perfect Crystal, Becomes Ferroelectric
    . A new statistical analysis mechanical theory has confirmed what some scientists only suspected before: that under the right conditions, molecules of water can freeze together in just the right way to form a perfect crystal. And once frozen, that ice can be manipulated by electric fields in the same
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    , which substantially speeds up the process," he says. The system also captures a video of the tests, which can then be e-mailed to a customer. "He can view it, freeze it at whatever point, and analyze the data," explains Page. Designed specifically for use in quality control laboratories
  • Tips and Tricks on Freezing Cells
    , if possible at high cell density (between. 10E6 and 10E7 cells per ml). Closable "cryo tubes ") (Bio-freeze vials, centrifuge, PIPETBOY acu,. pipettes). 2x freezing medium (consisting of complete medium, enriched with. at least 10% FCS, whereby DMEM or F-12 is suitable for adherent. cells
  • Medical Device Link .
    (pressure chamber) and pressurized with helium. * The device is then placed in the CHLD test chamber. * A cryopump begins to evacuate the chamber, but does so not by exhausting gas but by freezing the nitrogen, oxygen, and most other atomic species. * As the other gases freeze, only helium (if any
  • Medical Device Link .
    software to process the images downloaded from the minicamera. Given's RAPID (Reporting and Processing of Images and Data) software lets physicians freeze a frame for later review and annotation, provides both streaming video and image-by-image viewing, and allows for JPEG files of frames to be sent
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the image capture could virtually freeze the heart 's motion. Naiman explains that Siemens wanted to increase resolution and keep images clear, but did not want to compromise by increasing radiation. "Most companies . . . increase the amount of x-ray radiation or dose used, " she says
  • How to Select a Strobe
      to  “Stop  or  Freeze”    the  motion  for  . Diagnostic Inspection with a Stroboscope to view what is happening at that particular RPM or Flashes . Per Minute (FPM). .  . Checking  RPM  of  a  rotating  device  with  a  Stroboscope  is  more  complicated  and  takes  practice  as     . compared to using