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  • Low Defect Ceria-Based Slurries: Novel Selectivity, Slurry Characterization, and Polishing Mechanisms (.pdf)
    Using a low defect ceria dispersion as a base material, formulations having drastically different polishing performance have been developed. It is well known that ceria can exhibit high oxide: nitride selectivity for Shallow Trench Isolation. (STI) However, using formulation additives, novel
  • MICRO: Defect Analysis
    , ICP-MS has unit mass resolution, which makes the analyzer subject to several isotopic and polyatomic interferences at such mass levels. As the complexity of the matrix being analyzed increases, this phenomenon becomes an even greater concern. Combining the vapor phase decomposition (VPD) or drop scan
  • Vibes scope machine health
    level on a concrete base. An engineer taking a single measurement from each machine may conclude that there is a defect with the machine on the second
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    incorporate two or three layers of EVA into the pouch to virtually eliminate potential leaks." To ensure zero-defect products, Bonnier adds, each pouch is subjected to a burst test. Also on display at the company's MEDTEC stand was a device with an embedded chip that can be integrated into packaging
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the PDC-20 in-line equipment is an alternative to in-line optical or visual inspection, which yields high scrap levels. When faulty material passes through the curtain sensor, the detection circuit records defect data and provides various process control outputs to activate external alarms, lights
  • Rotor Testing with MCE (.pdf)
    ’s. Not only in rotor design, but more importantly, in the analysis equipment available to detect. rotor defects. Equipment like the MCE has increased the ability for the technician to identify rotor defects long before. they become catastrophic. What is a catastrophic rotor defect? What
  • Medical Device Link . The Race to Develop a Painless Blood Glucose Monitor
    states that studies of an earlier prototype, the Futrex 9000, as well as a version of the DreamBeam were unsuccessful and that a field study conducted in 1995 with the DreamBeam generated useless results, allegedly because of a manufacturing defect. Another light-based technology, the Diasensor
  • Medical Device Link .
    battery raises the voltage slightly, and a warm one lowers it. Some buyers who inspect batteries during quality control reject SLA batteries arriving from vendors with less than 2.10 V/cell. Low voltage suggests that the battery may have a soft short, a defect that cannot be corrected with cycling

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