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  • Industrial Floor Mats-Image
    Industrial Floor Mats - (509 companies)
    Industrial floor mats include rubber mats and matting, modular floor mat systems, and other matting for traction, impact protection, worker ergonomics and comfort. They can include functional features such as ESD protection. Image Credit: U.S.
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    Mat Type
    Wet Area Mat
    Modular / Interlocking
    Flooring (industrial) - (952 companies)
    Industrial flooring includes a variety of materials that are used to permanently cover a floor. Flooring includes a variety of materials that are used to permanently cover a floor. There are three main categories of flooring products: commercial...
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    Tack Cloths, Tack Rollers, and Tack Sheets - (43 companies)
    ...and tack sheets are commonly used in woodworking applications, like cleaning sanding dust between layers of paint or polyurethane. They are also used by manufacturers in the automotive, marine, aerospace, and electronics industries. Tack cloths, tack...
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  • Safety Mats-Image
    Safety Mats - (163 companies)
    Safety mats are presence-sensing devices used to guard a floor area around a machine or robot. Safety mats are used to guard a floor area around a machine or robot. A matrix of interlocking safety mats is laid around the hazardous area and any...
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  • Grating-Image
    Grating - (234 companies)
    Grates consist of a metal or fiberglass lattice that provides a slip-resistant or semi-open surface. Grates consist of a metal or fiberglass lattice that provides a slip-resistant floor or semi-open surface. Metal grates are usually made of aluminum...
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    Floor Coatings - (353 companies)
    Floor coatings are tough protective layers used in applications where heavy surface wear or corrosion is expected. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, and manufacturing floors. Floor coatings are tough, protective layers used...
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    Marine Coatings - (96 companies)
    Marine coatings are waterproof, protective layers that are applied to surfaces exposed to or immersed in fresh, brackish, and/or salt water. They are used with boats, ships, ferries and other watercraft, as well as with marine structures...
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    Spill Containment Systems - (170 companies)
    ...containment systems include dikes, tubs, mats, moats, modular systems, tracks, curbs, bladders, and pads. Dikes and tubs may be used instead of concrete walls as secondary containment systems for storage tanks. Mats, moats, and modular systems are designed...
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    Safety Mat Controllers - (44 companies)
    Safety mat controllers monitor areas where injury is possible due to moving mechanical parts or other similar hazards. When pressure is detected on a mat, a stop signal is sent to the surrounded machine. Safety Mat Controllers Information. Safety...
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    Gas and Vapor Barriers - (117 companies)
    York State guidance. The state also recommends the membrane be of polyethylene or similarly flexible sheeting. It needs to cover the entire floor area and be appropriately sealed. Laminated vapor barrier films: Prevents oxygen and moisture from...
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  • Evolution biology
    They are the biocoenoses of Prokaryoten (blue-green algae or Cyanobakterien) that formed in the shallow water mats at the sea bottom , floating materials captured and the rock bodies constructed.
  • General Geobotanik
    They are biocoenoses of bacteria and blue-green algae or captured Cyanobakterien that formed in shallow water mats layered on the seabed floating materials and etagenförmige rock body, so-called schichtbildenden "carpet stones" or just Stromatolithen constructed.
  • The Precambrian. The cradle of the life
    These of animals unique in the evolution existed in a narrow interrelationship with a lederartigen bio mat at the sea bottom , the stabilization, protection and food offered.
  • Effects of Isolation on Stress Responses to Novel Stimuli in Subadult Chickens ( Gallus gallus )
    The bird was placed in a steel-framed wire cage (0.60 9 0.45 9 0.86 m) inside the chamber, which was furnished with two perches and a marine carpet mat on the floor .
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    The bottoms of shallow seas were previously sealed still predominantly through bio mats and inhabited by simple animals (on the left), so, saw the novel organism world for extensive disappearance of which and for a significantly more intensive use of the sediment…
  • Advanced Materials Engineering and Technology
    …polymer, especially elastomers together with recycled waste) can meet the performance and processing requirements to manufacture a wide range of rubber based products such as road and playground surfaces, recycled rubber flooring , adhesive glues, sporting mats , floats, marine and automotive parts, and…
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