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  • Life Insurance for Switches & Circuit Breakers Surviving Harsh Environments
    of the harshest environments imaginable, such. as automation, marine, gas and oil rigs, construction and excavating equipment, communication, instrumenta-. tion…whereever commercial and industrial controls must be secure, fully operational and safe. ©2012 APM Hexseal. Page 1 of 4.
  • Can a Fluid Sensors "Toughen-Up" a 20-Ton Earthmover?
    . Isolation Valves. Cryogenic Valves. Manifold Assemblies. Proximity Switches. Fluidic Systems. Product Configurator. Marine Grade Products. Water and Wastewater Sensors. Medical. Marine Grade Products. Water and Wastewater Sensors. Off-Highway Vehicle. Gems Solutions. General Information. Product
  • Survive Hostile Control System Environments (.pdf)
    and outdoor use. It provides the. atmospheres and dust. degree of protection against hosedown,. Many types of commercial equipment. icing, dust, and the entry of water during. (such as off-road equipment, boast, marine. temporary submersion at the limited depth. instruments, construction elevators
  • Is Your Networking Device Tough Enough?
    operate underwater, only that the device will be unharmed and will operate when removed from the water. Certain environments also pose specific hazards that the IP68 rating does not address, such as the corrosive seawater found in marine applications, or the high-temperature, high-pressure sprays found