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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DEVICE MARK = C4 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
1131930000 Digi-Key Weidmuller Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories DEVICE MARKER CC 15.17 MC NE GE
1138400000 Digi-Key Weidmuller Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories DEVICE MARKER CC 85/54 MC NE WS
1266140000 Digi-Key Weidmuller Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories DEVICE MARKER CC DIA 30/3.5 MC
0816702 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Device Marker EML 16,5x5mm white
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  • Medical Device Link . Laser Marking Medical Devices and Packaging
    repetition frequency affect the mark, as do marker variables such as dot density and overlap. For example, the depth of shading on a pigmented thermoplastic can be varied semicontinuously using different fill patterns and fill densities. Contrast can be optimized by adjusting laser pulse length and dot
  • Using External RAM with PIC17CXX Devices
    . Figure 1 has three key locations. marked that help define TACE. Table 2 summarizes these locations. TABLE 2: LOCATION MARKER DESCRIPTIONS FOR FIGURE 1. Location. Description. Value. Address Setup Time. This location marks the spot. time in nanoseconds before the Q3 cycle. 1. where the address becomes
  • Using the C18 Compiler to Interface I2C TM Serial EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    of the. byte for the word address with the block address. Start bit, whereas the right marker shows the ACK bit. embedded in the control byte. However, 32 Kb and. Note that the SDA line defaults to a high value due to. larger devices do not implement a block address, but. the attached pull-up
  • Medical Device Link .
    As with legacy bar codes, there are several ways a two-dimensional marker identification code can be applied to a product or product packaging. These include direct ink printing, printed labels, and surface marking of products. Rigorous implementation of unique device identification (UDI) for medical devices
  • Using the C18 Compiler and the MSSP to Interface I2C TM EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    of the control byte are clocked out, with data. Start bit, whereas the right marker shows the ACK bit. being latched in on the rising edge of SCL. The device. code (0xA for the 24LC256), the block address (3 bits),. and the R/W bit make up the control byte. Next, the. EEPROM device must respond
  • Medical Device Link .
    for accelerators, which are used with traditional cyanoacrylates to prevent blooming or frosting (the formation of a white haze or powdery residue on the bond line). Tack-free cure is critical when adhesive is used to coat medical devices. Adhesive is applied to marker bands on catheter tubing
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Figure 1. Interventional cardiology devices marked with radiopaque coatings (left) are easily visible under x-ray (right). There are three primary considerations in applying a metal marker. First, the metal should not add significant stiffness to the device. A notable example is the guiding catheter
  • Medical Device Link .
    ;TAS) devices.4�7 It supports applications in rapid pathogen identification, marker identification for diagnostic and therapeutic analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism analysis, and many other areas of diagnostic and therapeutic interest. But high-density microfluidics technology
  • Medical Device Link .
    appealing product that would have lots of wires running to controllers and recorders. Another good example is the Dermabond topical adhesive ProPen XL. This product is something like a marker pen. You pick it up and you apply adhesive by squeezing the device rather than having to mix a two-part adhesive

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