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    MASK ROM (MROM) - (20 companies)
    MASK ROM (MROM) chips contain software (a mask) that is burned onto the chip during the semiconductor manufacturing process. Mask ROM (MROM) chips contain a software mask that is burned onto the chip during the design phase of the semiconductor... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    PCMCIA Memory Cards - (31 companies)
    PCMCIA Memory Cards Information. PCMCIA memory cards and storage cards are used to add memory (RAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and/or storage capacity (hard disks, CD-ROM, etc.) to computers. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer Memory Card... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Respirators and Dust Masks-Image
    Respirators and Dust Masks - (470 companies)
    Respirators and Dust Masks protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants. Respirators and Dust Masks Information. Respirators protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants, such as gases, vapors, or fumes. There are three... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mask and Stencil Fabrication Services-Image
    Mask and Stencil Fabrication Services - (40 companies)
    Business can be employed for mask and stencil fabrication to prepare metal, plastic, fiberglass, fluoropolymer or elastomer masks that fit over areas or a part for masking purposes, which allows patterned coating, printed designs and lettering... Learn More
  • Lithography Equipment-Image
    Lithography Equipment - (66 companies)
    Lithography equipment transfers circuit or device patterns onto a substrate using a patterned mask and a beam of light or electrons to selectively expose a photoresist layer. Overlay metrology systems align the pattern masks or reticules... Learn More
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    Optical Storage Media - (143 companies)
    ...hold significantly greater amounts of data, but CDs can also be used to store digital video files. Optical storage media includes different types of compact discs. Each type of disk has a lettered designation. For example, CD-ROM disks use read-only... Learn More
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    Stop Off Coatings and Masking Compounds - (46 companies) photochemical or chemical milling processes. In photochemical processing, selective regions of a surface are protected by a mask coating while the unmasked regions are then etched to selectively remove material. Selection Guide. GlobalSpec allows industrial... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Centronics Connectors - (69 companies)
    Centronics connectors are standard parallel interface devices for connecting printers and other peripherals such as portable disc drives, tape backup drives, and CD-ROM players to computers. Centronics connectors are named after the printer... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Memory Chips - (576 companies)
    ...types include: Programmable ROM (PROM). Erasable programmable ROM (EPROM). Electrically erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM). Flash. Mask ROM. The image below shows the function of both memory types in the hierarchy of a typical computer. Note that ROM... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Computer Terminals - (93 companies)
    Thin clients are network computers that are especially small so that most data processing occurs on the server. Thin clients are powered by centralized servers and do not contain CD-ROM drives, disc drives, and expansion slots. Thin clients... Search by Specification | Learn More

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