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  • Spinning Mass Mechanical Gyroscopes
    and everyone was lost. History of Gyroscopes USD-AN-005. Page 1 of 3. Spinning Mass Mechanical Gyroscopes. History of Gyroscopes. In early times, people discovered the spinning top, a toy with a unique ability to balance upright while rotating. rapidly. Ancient Greek, Chinese and Roman
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation
    ducts. Figure 3: Thermal mass flow meter in cold air duct. This installation eliminates the large temperature. fluctuations that are present in the main primary air. duct due to the mixing of the pre-heated and ambient. air. It also provides a more precise and responsive. damper control within
  • Spend Your Time Engineering, Not on Differential Equations
    with something as simple as a spring-mass-damper system, for example, users must draw the free body diagram and then generate the governing equations between the physical components. Next, users must derive the differential equations for the system, convert them to integral form, and, finally, break
  • Whole lot of shakin' goin' on
    , there is relative motion when the frequency of a noise source coincides with a mechanical resonance. The amount of relative motion depends on the input noise level and the mechanical gain or amplification at resonance. The mechanical structure can be modeled as a second-order, mass-damper-spring
  • Spring Return Electric Actuators Meet Fire Standards for Tunnels
    did not decrease. This is due to the thermal mass of the units and. the insulating blanket holding internal temperature constant while the external temperature. decreased.
  • S-Cube TM: Generic Controller for Active Acoustics (.pdf)
    . The ActiveSilencer™ Enclosure (ASE™). for Intel® Modular Server. Frequency. Silentium has col aborated with Intel® to design the enclosure for. Tuned-mass. damper. reducing the server noise by up to 10dB(A) without causing any. thermal degradation. Utilizing Silentium’s ANC technology, the. ASE™ can achieve
  • Which Should I Use? Real & imaginary? Or magnitude & phase?
    damper as well as frictional damping. Maybe I should mention that I work with silicone rubber based tuned mass dampers for automotive industry and experience Fletcher-Gent (amplitude dependency) effect in the rubber. Reply. 702 days ago Prasad. Philippe,. Thank you very much for the info. Reply
  • Virtual Tests for Facilitating Steering Wheel Development (.pdf)
    the cruising speeds such as 55, 65,. or 70 mph. It should be in a speed range that is passed. through quickly and not driven steadily. Note that. vibrations could still be felt by the driver at other than the. resonant frequency by direct transmission through the. steering wheel. Therefore, mass dampers

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