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  • Optical Absorption in Sapphire
    on three boules of Czochralski-grown single-crystal aluminum oxide with differing starting material purities. The initial powder purities were 99.99%, 99.999%, and 99.999999%. In addition to the VUV measurements, calorimetric absorption results obtained in the visible and near-infrared (IR
  • Is Moisture Absorption A Problem With Composite Bearings?
    Q: "Is Moisture Absorption A Problem With Composite Bearings?" A: A common misconception with composite bearings is that they are prone to moisture absorption. This can be of special concern for applications that may not be sealed and may be subjected to simple environmental moisture. The issue
  • Moisture Ingress and Absorption in a CCD Package
    the moisture ingress speed through a sealed joint and the evolution of the moisture amount inside the cavity. In a first step, a characterization of the organic materials is carried out. The diffusion and saturation coefficient of the moisture inside the material are calculated. Then, a 2D finite element
  • Cool Thermodynamics: The Engineering and Physics of Predictive, Diagnostic and Optimization Methods for Cooling Systems
    ) chillers with substantial material on heat-driven absorption chillers.
  • Moisture Control Specifications
    All SMD packed in Tape and Reel is Dry Packed. This method helps to avoid damage from moisture absorption and exposure to solder reflow temperatures that can result in yield and reliability degradation from a combination of rapid moisture expansion and material mismatch.
  • Wavelength-scalable hollow optical
    Conventional solid-core optical fibres require highly transparent. materials. Such materials have been difficult to identify owing to. the fundamental limitations associated with the propagation of. light through solids, such as absorption, scattering and nonlinear. effects. Hollow optical fibres
  • Medical Device Link .
    Probing Cartilage at Nanoscale Levels Cartilage is a remarkably complex biocomposite material that exhibits outstanding compressive stiffness, toughness, strength, resiliency, and shock absorption. Scientists have long explored the processes that cause these properties to degrade with age
  • Classifying Polymers and Screening
    and the intensity of those absorptions. The resulting spectral scan is typically specific to a general class of material.

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