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Parts by Number for Matrix Converter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1A01000001 PLC Radwell American Auto-matrix PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack CONVERTER COMMUNICATIONS LINE A/B

Conduct Research Top

  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)
    This paper is in support of a recent. Phase Matrix, Inc. (PMI) Phase I Small Business. Innovative Research (SBIR) investigative. study. The objective of this SBIR initiative was. to assess the feasibility of developing a Radio. Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Down Converter. in a Small Form Factor
  • Hybrid CAD for hybrid powertrains
    currents (left) and the matrix converter input currents (center). Digital control signals representing the FPGA response are converted into gate-switching pulses for IGBTs (right), the semiconductor switches usually used to synthesize power signals for brushless dc motors. The handwriting is on the wall
  • A Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (.pdf)
    of PXI RF/MW Down Converter Modules. Michael N.Granieri. Peter Pragastis. Charanbir Mahal. Phase Matrix, Inc. Phase Matrix, Inc. Phase Matrix, Inc. 109 Bonaventura Dr. 109 Bonaventura Dr. 109 Bonaventura Dr. San Jose, CA. San Jose, CA. San Jose, CA. 95134-2106. 95134-2106. 95134-2106. Email: Email
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    metallic wire, and foil resistance gages. The bonded resistance strain gage is by far the most widely used in experimental stress analysis. These gages consist of a grid of very fine wire or foil bonded to the backing or carrier matrix. The electrical resistance of the grid varies linearly with strain
  • Corrosion-Resistant Braze Joints (.pdf)
    . The in-depth metallurgical. analysis confirmed that all phases,. including the matrix, contain sig-. nificant amounts of chromium. S U L Z E R T E C H N I C A L R E V I E W 1 / 2 0 0 8. 5. Vacuum furnace brazing of a. sures in the vacuum furnace. Braz-. T-joint and metallography of. ing
  • Medical Device Link .
    , UK), Gorix eliminates the problem of hot and cold spots that can occur with wire-matrix element heating. The uniform distribution and dissipation of heat from the surface allows the material to be used in close contact with the object being heated. Potential uses for Gorix include patient bedding
  • Fundamentals of HALT/HASS Testing
    . multiple DUTs with multiple test points using multiple source and measurement instruments. connected through a switching matrix. The only way to do this efficiently is to use a high-. speed switch matrix that will not degrade the measured signals. For example, in many telecommunications
  • Touch Screen Selection Guide
    matrix. The X-Y coordinates of the position of the stylus are communicated to the host computer causing the desired action. Other than voice recognition, touch input is probably the most natural human interface to any computing device. It is particularly useful and popular in those applications

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