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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCP73871 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Tolerance. Maximum 1.8A Total Input Current Control. Resistor Programmable Fast Charge Current Control: 50 mA to 1A. Resistor Programmable Termination Set Point. Selectable USB Input Current Control: Absolute Maximum: 100 mA (L) / 500 mA (H). Automatic Recharge. Automatic End-of-Charge Control...
F143 PLC Radwell Precision Digital Not Provided TEMPERATURE INDICATORS TI, 4 MAXIMUM HI/LO ALARMS,

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  • A Comparison of Maximum Use Temperatures for High Performance Thermoplastic Composites
    ) as an indicator of temperature performance limitation while under load. However, PPS and PEEK are semi-crystalline and have the potential to operate at low to medium. loads above their Tg for limited periods of time. Furthermore, PEI has an amorphous structure. and a very high Tg, but tends to creep under
  • Spectral Performance of Mercuric Iodide Gamma Ray Detectors at Elevated Temperatures
    ) which is the ratio of the number of counts at the maximum of the. photopeak divided by the number of counts for the background at the same channel as the maximum. The peak to background ratio is an indicator of the detector signal to noise ratio. 3. The photopeak channel position indicates the gain
  • Temperature Profiling a Coffee Roasting Cycle
    brands). This guarantees that his coffee always lives up to customer expectations. The module and RTD sensors are an ideal solution for the brewer 's limited budget, giving him maximum data logging reliability and high accuracy. Now he can experiment with new flavors and reproduce his bestsellers
  • Application Circuits of the TC620/TC621Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    sensors. troller using a single TC620 and a TC4469 Quad. that are easy to program and interface with control. CMOS driver. In this example, the TC620 is pro-. equipment. The TC620 senses the temperature inter-. grammed for maximum and minimum temperature set. nally, while the TC621 uses an external
  • Should Sheath Temperature Be Used in Assessing Suitability (.pdf)
    as an indicator of the maximum pipe wal temperature,. since carbon steel is a good conductor of heat. Heat from the tracer is. conducted circumferentially so that there is no localized “hot spot” in the. pipe under the tracer. The Pipe Maintain Temperature from CompuTrace. should be used
  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    flow can be. sensor window perpendicular to the air flow and. displayed in either velocity or volume format. In. may be positioned either vertically or horizontally. addition, the display can show minimum and. without affecting the reading. maximum air flow and temperature readings and. includes
  • CAL Temperature Controllers Enhance Quality of Medical Research
    proportional band, the controller reverts back to normal operation. The result is a steady temperature rise with minimal overshoot, which can be critical when maximum temperatures must not be exceeded. West Control Solutions has also provided Solent Scientific with a cost-efficient method of logging
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    of temperature sensors. As the temperature of an object increases the wavelength at which the peak energy occurs. decreases. So the temperature sensor should be most sensitive to the wavelengths at. which the maximum energy is emitted. For an object at a given temperature the error in temperature
  • Liquiphant S High Temperature Point Level Measurement in Asphalt Tanks
    Minimum / Maximum Level in Asphalt Tank. Liquiphant S (high temperature) provides minimum and. maximum point level in liquid asphalt tanks. Asphalt tanks. Liquiphant S (HT). Finished product used. FTL 71 high level alarm. in a typical industrial. roofing project. The Liquiphant S (High Temperature
  • Quik-Cal Technology Speeds Tension Measurement Setup (.pdf)
    the indicator. preferred for lower tension measurement. The. output to ZERO when there is no tension, the. calibration weight chosen by the user will rep-. ZERO button is pressed for one second. resent either 10% or 25% of the maximum tension. the machine is expected to be running. controlling. Hold for 1

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