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  • Keeping Thrust Bearings Cool
    . "Maximum Temperature for Hydrodynamic Bearings under Steady Load, " E.R. Booser, C.L. Linkinhoker, and F.D. Ryan, , Vol. 26, pp. 226-235, 1970. "Cool Ideas for Sleeve Bearings " (Machine Design, April 23, 2009) addressed modifications engineers can make to keep bearings cool, prolonging the lives
  • How to Use Inertia Figures for Gearbox Selection
    DIN 6885 keys with easy sliding fit. Tolerances may vary due to. manufacturing processes. Backlash: Figures give are at output of gearbox. Value given are approximate. maximum and will vary due to manufacturing processes. Backlash in planetary. A. gearboxes is dependant on ratio. Thrust
  • Which Screw? Picking the Right Technology
    Load Rating – The maximum load that may be. applied to a stationary screw and nut system without damage. occurring. Dynamic Load Rating – A value that is used in the life. calculation for a screw and nut system. The maximum thrust. load that may be transmitted by a screw and nut system. 4. Pre-load
  • Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    ) of travel with no evidence. Maximum Axial Force - The maximum thrust force that the. of fatigue appearing in 90% of the bearing. This assumes. stage can generate in the direction of travel. This force is used to. that the load is constant in magnitude and direction and that. overcome friction
  • Medical Device Link .
    features a maximum output frequency of 6.5 Mpps. It can obtain trapezoidal and constant-speed motion profiles, and also perform linear and S-curve acceleration and deceleration, and circular and linear interpolation. A 28-bit up and down counter provides incremental encoder feedback. The NPMC6045A-4104
  • Medical Device Link .
    to three outputs at voltages from 3.3 to 48 V dc. The power supplies meet EN 55022 specifications and have maximum leakage currents of 100 uA at 115 V ac or 200 uA at 230 V ac. One output is adjustable by +-10%. Load regulation is +-3% on one output and +-5% on the other two. Line regulation
  • Medical Device Link .
    makes positioning feedback of 36 pulses per revolution available without an additional encoder. The motors can produce continuous maximum power of 3 W and efficiency values above 70%. Hansen Corp., Princeton, IN. Linear actuator. Incorporating an optical linear encoder and linear
  • Medical Device Link .
    . A modular design and external base T-slots enable unlimited multiaxis configurations without adapter plates or brackets. Travel ranges from 5 to 80 in.; load capacity is 300 lb; and thrust load is 100 lb maximum. Repeatability is 0.0002 in.; straight line accuracy is 0.003 in. over the entire travel
  • Optimization of a Leading Edge Groove Tilting Pad Journal Bearing for Application in a Small, High Speed Multi-Stage Steam Turbine (.pdf)
    Optimization of a leading edge groove tilting pad journal bearing for application in a small, high speed, multi-stage steam turbine is described. Rotordynamics constraints to meet a design objective maximum operating speed of 18,000 rpm resulted in a rotor with a 5 1. 0 in. bearing span and 5. 0
  • Radial Bearings
    is considerable. Maximum capacity or filling notch bearings have about 20 to 40% more radial load capacity than deep-groove bearings. The increased capacity comes from additional balls inserted through the filling notch. Except for the filling notch and the extra balls, they are geometrically identical

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