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  • Computer Power User Article - Video Cards Exposed
    of three ways: discrete (as a separate part from the chipset and video memory), MCM (Multi-Chip Module, with memory packaged onto one chip alongside the graphics core), and fully integrated (where the graphics core is built
  • Recent Progress in III-V Devices and Modules for Next Generation Mobile Handsets
    of SOC, die. stacking and/or MCM technology or system in a package (SiP) approaches provide alternative solutions to the. problem of incorporating various RF functions, if such advanced packaging solutions are readily available at low cost. Using our internal state-of-the-art production assembly
  • Highly integrated CMOS RF SPDT switch with ESD and unit cell optimisation in MCM
    Presented is the performance of a highly integrated RF single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch fabricated in a 0.18 µm bulk CMOS. process and housed in a low-cost laminated multi-chip module (MCML) package. A switch controller is also implemented and consumes. ~40 µA from a 3.4 V supply. The switch
  • Phase Locked Loop Systems Design for Wireless Infrastructure Applications
    with lower cost and smaller package size. Figure 3 Phase noise characteristics 1.5 to 2.4 GHz CMOS cross-coupled vs. discrete BJT. Type 2 is based on multi chip module (MCM). This type has a few dies as well as discrete components on a. substrate. The die include VCO, PLL and varactors, while discrete
  • High performances MEMS accelerometers are used in railway applications
    the resolution range of 20 to. The basic structure of the acceleration. multi chip module (MCM) approach. 24 bits and beyond in the future. detector is constituted of a proof. combining the MEMS device and. mass with a surface of few mm2 and. electronics in a hermetically sealed. conclusion. a thickness
  • MEMS Motion Sensors, the Solution for Harsh Environments in Defence Applications
    conditions. devices, robustness, power and size. critical for high precision under harsh. in the Mil Aerospace, Industrial,. environments. Colibrys has chosen a. Instrumentation and Energy markets. n. Technology. multi chip module (MCM) approach. The three key ingredients needed to. combining
  • Is Smaller Better?
    by which the devices may be directly connected to the substrate of a multi chip. module (MCM) or to a printed circuit board. Their parasitic reactances are very small, due to the. absence of a package. Thermal resistance is low, since there are substantial thermal paths from the. diode junction
  • Increasing the Maximum Transmit Power Rating of a Power Amplifier Using a Power Combining Technique
    , and board layout. A narrow band splitter/combiner can easily achieve less than a 5 degree phase imbalance while the PA contribution (such as with. the SKY65152-11) is fairly small when the input/output matching is integrated within a multi chip module (MCM). Eventually, the RF. designer should pay

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