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R250/A/2 ASAP Semiconductor MEASURING CYLINDER Not Provided Not Provided

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  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    The necessity of measuring paint viscosity is well known and there are several methods using a rotational viscometer, such as ASTM D2196, for accomplishing this. (See Figure 1) The objective is to characterize the shear sensitivity and time dependent behavior of paints during their application
  • The Piston Gage as a Precise Pressure-Measuring Instrument (.pdf)
    The errors which must be considered for accurate measurements of pressure with piston gages are discussed. A new design of piston gage is described which permits the operator to control the clearance between piston and cylinder at any operating pressure.
  • Can You Predict Powder Flow Behavior By Measuring Density
    to quantify the change in density. A cylinder full of powder is "tapped" a specific number of times, say 100 or 150, and the resulting volume is compared to the original. This ratio quantifies the degree of compaction. This gives a good idea of the density behavior, but unfortunately cannot predict
  • Application Note: Velocity Measurements
    is best done through the use of. the differential equation: V = dS/dT or Velocity = a change in distance divided by a change in time. This technique uses the fact that we can sample at 8 points every second or a sample rate of 125. msec with a very accurate time base. By currently measuring
  • Arriving in the U.S. Market (,pdf)
    losses and subse-. unit is then mounted to the robot and. ti. quent improvement in efficiency and. horsepower can be expected. The coat-. C. Portable CMM (FARO® arm) device. ings properties can also be engineered to. W. measuring cylinder bore dimensions. reduce emissions and improve corrosion
  • Norbar Valving Machine Provides Torqueing Solution for BOC Gases (.pdf)
    In a joint effort between BOC Gases and Norbar Torque Tools Australia, a cylinder valving machine has been developed and installed in eight sights around Australia. Using the latest in torque measuring technology, Norbar Torque Tools Australia have built a valving machine to overcome the problem
  • Complete Pressure Calibration with a Single Hand-Held Instrument
    Next to temperature, pressure is probably the most measured variable in process engineering. Both mechanical and electrical pressure measuring instruments are commonly used. Based on the application, there are several appropriate measuring instruments available in the market today with a variety
  • Eddy Current Displacement Sensors
    Non-contact displacement sensors using the eddy current principle have proven their value for measuring displacement, position and gap. Measurements which, a few years ago, were considered impossible, can now be performed successfully. The key to this is the robust and accurate eddyNCDT

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