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  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    The necessity of measuring paint viscosity is well known and there are several methods using a rotational viscometer, such as ASTM D2196, for accomplishing this. (See Figure 1) The objective is to characterize the shear sensitivity and time dependent behavior of paints during their application
  • The Piston Gage as a Precise Pressure-Measuring Instrument (.pdf)
    The errors which must be considered for accurate measurements of pressure with piston gages are discussed. A new design of piston gage is described which permits the operator to control the clearance between piston and cylinder at any operating pressure.
  • Can You Predict Powder Flow Behavior By Measuring Density
    to quantify the change in density. A cylinder full of powder is "tapped" a specific number of times, say 100 or 150, and the resulting volume is compared to the original. This ratio quantifies the degree of compaction. This gives a good idea of the density behavior, but unfortunately cannot predict
  • Norbar Valving Machine Provides Torqueing Solution for BOC Gases (.pdf)
    In a joint effort between BOC Gases and Norbar Torque Tools Australia, a cylinder valving machine has been developed and installed in eight sights around Australia. Using the latest in torque measuring technology, Norbar Torque Tools Australia have built a valving machine to overcome the problem
  • Electrohydraulic Actuators
    the sensor interact with the magnetic field and return a sonic pulse. Distance can be determined by measuring the transmission/reception time interval. Positioning accuracy is 0.001 to 0.003 in. Another way to accurately control position is to hydraulically amplify the motion of a stepping motor
  • Software turns digitizing arm into instant inspection station
    Portable FaroArms are coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) used in our facility to improve the fabrication of parts and weldments. Using the arm captures coordinates that can be turned into accurate dimensions and then compared to a print. A screen from CAM2 shows measuring guides for a complex
  • Tractor Steering
    , linear-position sensors, Temposonics sensors also have the unique ability to conform to non-linear measurement paths. The sensor can form a circle or a serpentine path to measure angles. When measuring a turning motion, such as a steering king-pin joint, the sensor is formed into a circle. Methods have been
  • CANpressure
    larger digital systems, but packaged in a sealed stainless steel cylinder measuring 1" x 3". The galvanically isolated measurement values are transmitted via a CAN 2.0B bus.

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