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  • Fabricating a nuclear-fusion machine
    Researchers are developing a convoluted plasma-confinement machine that may produce inexhaustible, safe, and environmentally attractive energy from nuclear fusion. A PPPL technician is fitting magnetic conductors into place on a Stellarator mandrel. CMMs from Romer CimCore let workers measure
  • Machine Vision Industry Focus: New Way to Look at Machine Vision
    Machine-vision systems are great for analyzing relatively simple images. They can quickly identify a bad part from a sea of good ones when the task of identification involves matching up nonchanging dimensions. Machine-vision systems count, measure, and figure the dimensions of features
  • Looking At Modulation Transfer Functions For Machine Vision
    When a machine-vision system doesn?t perform as expected, the reason may be improper imaging optics. Often, vision systems are built by simply picking a lens, a CCD imager, and some support electronics. Many neophytes assume that if they buy components with high-limiting resolution, they have
  • Case Study - Machine Vision
    The customer needed to integrate a vision system that could inspect and measure small precision molded parts used in engine injectors (see illustration). One of the critical dimensions that needed to be measured was the width of the ridges. The difficulty was that these ridges are not easily
  • Using SSA to measure the efficacy of automated defect data gathering
    spatial signature analysis (SSA). Developed under a cooperative R &D agreement between the Image Science and Machine Vision Group of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL; Oak Ridge, TN) and the Contamination Free Manufacturing Research Center at Sematech (Austin, TX), SSA is an artificial
  • Case Study: Sensor Operating in Crosrol Textile Carding Machine
    To control the tension on a delicate bundle of cotton fibres as passing through processes at high speed requires a sensor that can measure very small angles with high resolution over a long time. The cotton fibre does not have a very consistent cross section as it is drawn through
  • Friction Testing with a 3-Axis Sensor
    A testing laboratory was looking to replace two single axis load cells used in their friction testing machine with one sensor that could measure force on the x, y, and z axis simultaneously.
  • Using tool presetters for inspection
    Tool presetters are used to measure. offsets offline to keep machine tools running. They quickly pay for themselves. by reducing downtime on machine spindles. Consider how much time it takes. to touch off a tool, run a test cut, adjust. the tool and cut again-then multiply. that by your average
  • Addressing Encoder Error
    Encoders are widely used to help control machine position and speed. Typical encoder output, a series of quadrature signals, consists of two full square waves, offset by 90° in phase. The number of quadrature cycles an encoder generates per revolution determines its resolution - the smallest
  • Proper Tension Prevents Flexible Packaging Print Problems (.pdf)
    The key to reliable defect prevention is the converter's ability to measure and make machine adjustments to eliminate unwelcome deviations including tension transients. While many film printers and converters are trying to overcome excess tension in their webs, some suffer from slack web conditions
  • Tensile Testing of Basalt Fibers Using a T-150 (.pdf)
    Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has a nominal Young's modulus of 89 GPa.1 In the work described here, an Agilent T150 universal testing machine (UTM) was used to measure the Young's modulus and fracture strength of two types of basalt fi ber: one without binder and one

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  • Machine tools 5
    The machine drives now according to the geometry of the testing object vorprogrammierte paths and touches the points predetermined like a measuring machine with the clamped measuring sensor on the testing object.
  • Information Modeling for Interoperable Dimensional Metrology
    … Inspection Plus-Plus (I++) Group of European automotive manufacturers generated, and currently maintain, a widely adopted open specification called the I++ DME (Dimensional Measurement Equipment) Interface, which defines commands from a dimensional metrology program execution module to a coordinate measuring machine controller.
  • Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World
    And then machine tools, measurement machines , robots, material flow and handling units and cleaning and exhaust equipment represent the production line.
  • Glocalized Solutions for Sustainability in Manufacturing
    The intention of the experi- ments was to show the variability of man-made experiments with exact measured machine settings.
  • Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity
    7.1.3 Computable measure machines . . . . . . . . . .