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  • Switch Tips: Photointerrupter switches
    Ordinary electromechanical switches are not the only choices for applications demanding long life. To get a long-lived switch it is possible to use a photointerrupter in lieu of mechanical fixed and movable contacts. Photo interrupters also avoid the ancillary limits of lubricants and internal I2R
  • Application: Hydraulic End Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Finally there is a reliable way to precisely detect the end limit positions of pistons and cylinders, particularly when that detection is critical to the operation and/or can result in a disaster if the detection fails. Mechanical limit switches have been used successfully in the past, but can fail
  • Mechanical Damage to Inductive Proximity Switches: The Hammer Demonstration
    that their specification limits are not exceeded. In practice however, even when taking the utmost care, this cannot always be permanently guaranteed. For this reason, there is a growing interest for sensors having as wide a "misuse tolerance" as possible. This is particularly valid for inductive
  • Plastic Machine Retrofits
    In an industry where we have long provided reliable, high performance position feedback, MTS Temposonics sensors are often utilized to bring new life to older equipment. Whether it be to replace potentiometers or multiple mechanical limit switches with linear feedback, we have the right solution
  • Specifications
    for a minimum of 0.002 to 0.003-in. overtravel of the basic switch to ensure adequate contact pressures and some mechanical stability. For most applications it is sufficient to ensure that the actuator force exceeds the upper limit of the operating force range of the switch. This is the force
  • Save now, pay later
    space is available and a snap-action switch mechanism with 4-mm air gap that conforms to EN81-1 standards for elevators/lifts. Honeywell Rocker Switches feature an expected electrical life of 50,000 cycles momentary and 150,000 mechanical cycles. Honeywell V7 switches provide superior reliability
  • Torque limiters get fillers out of a jam
    . A motor and rotating shaft drives the height-adjuster mechanism at about 100 rpm through an H-TLC torque limiter. Mechanical stops limit travel of the filler head but alone can't halt upward travel of its adjusting column each cycle. Occasionally, upward force overpowers the mechanical stops, jarring
  • Single electron toggles transistor on and off
    advantages as well. Because a mechanical action transfers charge carriers between the drain and source, the device withstands much more radiation than transistors that depend on charge transfer. This makes SET better suited for satellites and other devices that routinely see high radiation levels. SET

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