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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
78040017645-1 Carlton-Bates Company IDEC Mechanical Switch Miniature Safety Interlock, w/Solenoid Rotating Head, 8 Position 125V AC, 30V DC 2A
78454941837-1 Carlton-Bates Company HONEYWELL Mechanical Switch Guard Door Interlock Actuator Key 120/240/380/480/500/600V AC 6/3/1.9/1.5/1.4/1.2A
66248847884-1 Carlton-Bates Company BANNER ENGINEERING Mechanical Switch Machine Guard Interlock, w/Solenoid Rotating Head, 8 Position 250V AC 4A
66248856972-1 Carlton-Bates Company BANNER ENGINEERING Mechanical Switch Machine Guard Interlock Rotating Head, 2 Position 24/110/230V AC 6/10A
78454992538-1 Carlton-Bates Company HONEYWELL Mechanical Switch Guard Door Interlock Actuator Key 120/240/380/480/500 AC 6/3/1.9/1.5/1.4
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  • Mechanical Switches
    of contacts or returns to the original position. Mechanical-bail switches have separate switching assemblies, which are interlocked so that actuation of one switch deactivates another. A capacitive touch switch consists of two conductive layers on opposite sides of an insulating material such as glass
  • Custom Modified Mechanical Switches
    Custom Modified Mechanical Switches For Safe Detection in a Harsh Environment
  • Limiting Factors of Mechanical Switches
    components. in these applications include pressure and. temperature switches, which can be. mechanically set to switch an electrical circuit. and activate a process upon achieving a. specific pressure level or temperature.
  • Reed Switch in Comparison with Mechanical Switch (.pdf)
    A comparison chart by specification.
  • Switch Tips: Photointerrupter switches
    Ordinary electromechanical switches are not the only choices for applications demanding long life. To get a long-lived switch it is possible to use a photointerrupter in lieu of mechanical fixed and movable contacts. Photo interrupters also avoid the ancillary limits of lubricants and internal I2R
  • A switch to the desktop
    Features once reserved for special automated switches on production lines have migrated to desktop instruments. A firm well known for developing integrated circuits embarked on an interesting project recently. The company began replacing a bank of mechanical switches that engineers there had
  • MBS 1350 - The Switch with a Difference
    In the mobile construction industry, inexpensive cartridge pressure switches are often used to control hydraulic applications in construction vehicles. But mechanical switches have a relatively short life span, so although inexpensive, the cartridge pressure switches were costing manufacturers
  • Switch Strategies for the Hydrocarbon Industries (.pdf)
    of routinely checking problematic mechanical switches is forcing users to leave them unattended, opting to direct limited resources to critical and more costly equipment
  • Enhance Control System Security Using Process Switches
    of protection. It also shows how simple, yet reliable electro-mechanical switch-based protection can improve cyber defenses by complementing traditional techniques with another layer of protection independent of centralized control systems.
  • 100W High Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switches
    Radio transceiver designers have searched for a low cost solution to replace expensive mechanical switches and relays to direct high power transmit signals to the antenna and prevent that signal from entering the sensitive front end of the local receiver, while also allowing a low-loss connection