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  • Jet Engine Balancing: Laser Tachometer...Friend or Foe?
    signals from the engine. Getting to these signals can often be challenging due to the design of aircraft wiring harnesses and mechanical constraints under engine cowls. Auxiliary equipment and wiring must be positioned and routed in a manner that eliminates any possibility of them becoming FOD. Easy
  • ESCAP (R) Ironless Rotor D.C. Micromotors and Step Motors:
    position. Small Rotor Inertia. rapid mechanical response. Low Rotor Inductance. negligible electrical time constant. low torque ripple. low electrical noise. minimum brush/commutator electro-erosion. Precious Metal Brush/Commutator System. negligible voltage drop at the brushes. Negligible Hysteresis
  • Recent Special Applications
    14,000rpm. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Limited Rotary Actuator for Underwater Vehicles BLDC Motor, gearhead, electro-mechanical brake, limited stop and electronic drive system; high-reliability - can be designed for military and commercial
  • Optical Rotary Encoders: The Basics
    On every factory, and on every shop floor, something is rotating and someone wants to monitor it. Enter the optical rotary encoder. Encoders transform mechanical rotary motion into a sequence of electrical pulses, which are in turn monitored for display or control functions through a counter
  • Leadership in Jet Engine Testing at INTA
    . Academy. On demand web seminars. System Simulation for Mechanical Industries. Introduction to Vibro Acoustic Simulation. Advanced Acoustics Finite Element Methods. Introduction to Correlation. Introduction to Flow Induced Noise Simulation. Driving Dynamics Performance Simulation. The Durability
  • Motor Calculations
    * Calculating Mechanical Power Requirements. * Torque - Speed Curves. * Numerical Calculation. * Sample Calculation. * Thermal Calculations. DC Motor Calculations - MICROMO. Micro Motion Solutions Skip over navigation. News & Events. Careers. Site Map. (800) 807-9166. Company. The FAULHABER Group
  • Integrated Drive Electronics for Brushless DC Motors
    Brushless DC motors (BLDCs) achieve commutation electronically by utilizing a permanent-magnet. rotor, wound stator, and rotor-position sensing scheme instead of a mechanical commutator or brushes. found in brush-type DC motor designs. With brush wear or arcing eliminated and as a result of other
  • Linear Motors Offer Precise Positioning and Highly Dynamic Response for Many Motion-Control Task
    machine programs at the touch of a button. But slides on today's machines are still, for the most part, driven by servomotors and ball screws. Linear motors are proven and economical, says Siemens, and it is time for mechanical systems on these machines to catch up to control technology. For instance
  • What is Synchronous (Angular) Sampling?
    rotor, a propeller, a turbocharger or any other type of rotary mechanical device. What is Synchronous (Angular) Sampling? : Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog. Tweet. Prosig Noise & Vibration Blog. Home. Full Article Index. Who Are We?. Contact Us. What is Synchronous (Angular) Sampling
  • Medical Device Link .
    circuits, sensors, tubing, touch monitors, and much more. One important product category consists of various types of connectors and harnesses for managing internal wiring systems. Raychem-brand heat-shrinkable tubing, for example, provides insulation, mechanical protection, and strain relief for bundled

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