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  • Aircraft Brake Unit Spring Testing
    . Specialised Loadcells. Mechanical Force Gauges. Analogue Force Gauges. Low-cost Analogue Gauges. Gram Gauges. Special Force Test Kits. Manual Handling Test Kits. Door, Gate and Barrier Testers. Myometer. Manual Test Stands. Precision Handwheel-driven MDD. Precision Lever-operated LCP/S. Precision
  • Engineering and Design Notes for Clutches and Brakes
    with mechanical operation imposes a great burden on the design engineer in the form of additional knowledge of components that cross the discrete line of difference between electronic and mechanical parts. Electro-magnetic clutches and brakes are one of the most used and least understood of these components
  • Tension Testing of Metallic Materials (ASTM E8)
    of mechanical wedge action grips, including manual, pneumatic and hydraulic, with flat serrated faces. In the case of round specimens, we suggest using vee-serrated or threaded faces, dependent upon the geometry of the specimen ends. To test fine wires we typically use pneumatic cord and yarn grips
  • Battery Terminal Tension Test
    Testing Systems. Material Testing. Force Test Instruments. Digital Force Gauges. Advanced Force Gauge. Basic Force Gauge. Compact Force Gauge. Universal Indicator & Loadcells. Junior S-Beam Loadcells. Miniature Button Loadcells. S-Beam Loadcells. Specialised Loadcells. Mechanical Force Gauges
  • Tension Control 101 - A brief Overview (.pdf)
    . The. control algorithm. There are other algorithms,. same effect would happen with tension control. but PID is the most common for industrial. without the I and the D of PID. applications due to its robust performance in a. wide range of operating conditions. In a mechanical, dynamic control system
  • Better Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing
    -. The strain gauges detect beam deflection (of. ent. It usually consists of a plate hinged at. even a few hundred microns) under load and. one end, operating a metal plunger at the. convert the mechanical deflection into a. free end. See Figure 3. voltage (see Figure 2) that is proportional to. web tension
  • Energy Savings Using Intelligent Drive Technology (.pdf)
    . 1023 kgm2. of the electronic components and the high. One of the big disadvantages of using. Mechanical power input. 7 kW. efficiency of the drives, vast savings. brakes is the inevitable waste of valuable. Speed range of reel at. potential lies in the elimination of the. energy! The reel
  • Medical Device Link .
    with retrofits available for previously installed systems. Specifications include up to 6-in. label heights on 13-in. disks, 3-in.-diam x 4-in.-high mechanical core locks, a 24 x 48-in. steel table, a reversing motor, and a mechanical brake. 12 Sherman St., Linden, NJ 07036. A high-speed printer