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  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables and Connectors
    than 50 years' experience producing x-ray tubes in nominal voltages ranging from 50,000 to 450,000 V recently launched a low-noise 75-kV cable. EMDM: Spotlight on Cables and Connectors (May/June 2000). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical
  • Electronic Cable Assemblies
    Electronic cable assemblies are found on medical products, military equipment, industrial controls and machinery, and all kinds of consumer electronics. Electronic cables can be defined as cables that transmit control signals or information, or that supply low current power typically below 5 amps
  • Medical Device Link . EMI at the Patient Cable Radio-frequency interference poses a major threat to sensitive patient cables, but there are several ways to address this problem with success.
    . Editorial Calendar. Home \. Magazines \. Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry. Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazine MDDI Article Index An MD &DI January 1998 Column EMI FIELD NOTES EMI at the Patient Cable Radio-frequency interference poses a major threat to sensitive patient cables
  • Cable Material Design Criteria for the Medical Industry
    cable products. Therefore, the design of medical interconnect cables is a rather specialized science that requires specific engineering expertise. This expertise insures that developing and fabricating such interconnect devices means that they meet exacting standards, under often less than ideal
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Plugs
    Custom cable systems are designed for use in a wide range of medical equipment including pacemakers, dental devices, and ultrasound and x-ray machines. The company has developed video cables for x-ray equipment that reportedly last 20 times longer than competing products. Small-diameter cables made
  • Diving into the World of Spiral Cables
    that are frequently used in the medical field). Diving into the World of Spiral Cables | Meridian Cable. Meridian Cable Cable Assemblies & Custom Cables. Call 1-866-866-0544. About Us. Company Info. Privacy Policy. Livewire News. Products. Coil Cords. Cable Assemblies. Molded Components. Commercial
  • Medical Device Link .
    and Valves. Regional Focus Features. Special Features. Sustainable Manufacturing. Testing and Inspection. Tubing. Home \. Magazines \. Medical Product Manufacturing News. Originally Published MPMN April 2008 SPOTLIGHT. Cables and Connectors. Medical cable. Offering whip-free characteristics
  • Medical Device Link .
    , electromechanical assem-blies and subassemblies, PCB assemblies, custom medical cables, and plastic-molded components. With an experienced staff of medical product design engineers, the firm offers medical product fulfillment from initial design to prototyping and on to economical full-scale production