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MGR-S1-554   Electro Rent Corporation Hipot Testers Megger S1-554 The MGR-S1-554 insulation resistance tester (megger) is designed specifically to assist the user with the testing and maintenance of high voltage equipment. Noise rejection of 4 mA rms at 200V is a standard feature. This enables the instrument to take effective readings in high noise...
MGR-S1-552   Electro Rent Corporation Hipot Testers voltages of 50V to 1kV in 10 V steps and 1kV to 5kV in 25V steps. The MGR-S1-552 and the MGR-S1-554 have the same specs. The only difference is the noise rejection capability. The S1-55(2) is rated at 2mA rms@200v and the S1-55(4) is rated at 4mA rms@200v. An S1-554 can easily sub for a S1-552...
S1-5010   Megger Megohmmeters and S1-554/2 measurement range has been expanded to 15 T Ω. The S1-1052/2 and S1-1054/2 offer an increased measurement range to 35 T Ω in order to provide trending values for the best of insulating materials used on the higher capitalized equipment. The S1-552/2 and S1-554/2 offer variable test...

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