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  • Secure Data Communication at Port of Rotterdam
    containers requires a great deal of logistical. 2,200 employees, 36 container gantries, 265 driverless container. effort. As such, the sophisticated logistics require a reliable. vehicles, and 127 storage cranes, Europe Container Terminal. communication network in order to achieve fully automated work. (ECT
  • Medical Device Link .
    capabilities for RS-232 and PC memory cards. In addition to its multiple testing capabilities, the system also performs statistical analysis of test results. At a single test station, users can test multiple components that have different configurations. Uson, 5215 Hollister, Houston, TX 77040

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  • States > Iowa > State > Administrative Bulletin > 2013 > 05/01/2013
    If the precinct election officials remove the memory cards storage devices from the voting equipment on election night, they shall return to the commissioner the memory cards storage devices and the seals used to... a sealed envelope or other container .
  • On Architecture of Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks for Container Tracking and Monitoring Applications
    The container Monitor has also a large logging memory (SD- Card type or the like, up to Gbytes of storage capacity) which tracks all relevant data, specifically acceleration profiles in all 3-axes as required by certain transports to guarantee quality of...
  • An overview of open-source virtualization technology
    From the applications’ point of view, it is like a container , each virtual host has its own operating system, processor, memory , net- work card , HBA card and the virtual storage resources.
  • Rocket seedling production on the international space station: Growth and nutritional properties
    The astronaut opened the external container contain- ing the bags and a memory card (the memory card was stored under the cover of the plastic container ).
  • Killing the Consumer (a wingnut theory)
    ...kits, sunglasses, cribs, xylophones, bookends, cosmetic accessory bags, CD players, MP3 players, candle charms, magnets, key chains, pajamas, paint brushes, sleeping bags, storage bins, pens, fake teeth... ...water bottles, Easter egg containers , puzzles, journals, calendars, memory test cards , sketchbooks, gardening tools, classroom...
  • Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012 - INDEX
    ...function, 588 transitions, 899–902 tree controls, 771 triangles, design of game cards and, 876 trivial properties... ...blocks exceptions and, 241–242 memory allocation and, 246 nested... ...basics of, 557–558 tuples, storing in arrays (example), 559–561 type arguments, using containers and, 492, 553–554, 555...
  • A proposal to search for neutrino oscillations with high sensitivity in the appearance channels. nu. sub. mu. yields. nu. sub e and. nu. sub. mu. yields. nu. ...
    ...Cost to Los Alamos 12/31/90 Testing Fixtures for Production 12/31/90 Testing labor (1 hours/tube) 12/31/90 Encapsulation Container 12/31^0 PMT Base 12/31/90... ...12/31/90 S pmtand trigger Card 12/31/90 Dual port memory / Crate link 12/31/90 MSM-84 Mass Storage Module 12/31/90 Input Cards...
  • Small ideas promise big results at IGCA Congress
    No one was without a camera (and a few extra memory cards ).

    Brian Minter, chair of the 2008 organizing committee, is enthusiastic about showcasing the unique experience each garden store has to offer.

    “Our destinations aren’t huge, but... We’re experts in container gardens, and introducing great new plants.
  • ( for making records on magnetic media'). g(103666851,'a short strip of magnetic tape attached to a credit card or debit card; it... ...'). g(103667121,' memory device consisting of a... signals or to store computer information; "he took... ...sorted'). g(103669506,'a drop where mail can be deposited'). g(103669613,'a container for something to...
  • noun.artifact (
    ...consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media) } { magnetic_stripe, magnetic_tape,@ noun.possession:credit_card,#p noun.possession:debit_ card ,#p (a short strip... ...tape,+ verb.communication:tape3,+ ] memory _device,@ (memory device... signals or to store computer information; "he took... ...and sorted) } { maildrop, drop,@ (a drop where mail can be deposited) } { mailer, container ,@ (a container...
  • Collaboration of SSL smart cards within the WEB2 landscape
    More precisely we propose to deploy innovative tamper resistant devices (such as smart cards ) autonomously processing the SSL [3] protocol, and securely storing all associated credentials (including certificates and cryptographic keys), packed in identity containers . According to their memory capacities smart cards can handle hundreds of such containers.
  • DIF3D nodal neutronics option for two- and three-dimensional diffusion theory calculations in hexagonal geometry. [LMFBR]
    The lengths of the container arrays are specified on card type 02 of A.DIF3D. The FCM (fast core memory ) container is stored in fast core memory on both one-level (e.g. IBM 370) and two-level (CDC 7600) computers.
  • A particle system for interactive visualization of 3D flows
    In a vertex shader program, the particle position is fetched from the current container and this position then replaces the position initially stored in the vertex array. For particle advection, ATIs memory objects and vertex texture fetches on nVIDIA cards under Shader 3.0 or GLSL offer similar functionality.