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  • MEMS Pressure Sensors - Pressure Measurement Types
    in meters or feet. Depth in Water. The pressure on submerged bodies increases based on the density of the liquid and depth in the liquid according to Eq. 2. Common measurements include depth in fresh or salt water. For fresh water, pressure increases 0.43 psi per foot and in salt water it is 0.44 psi
  • Medical Device Link . Selecting Low-Pressure Sensors for Medical Electronics Applications Lower pressure ranges in piezoresistive sensors offer medical electronics designers more options for customizing sensor solutions.
    , and the selection process becomes even more complex. While a variety of sensing technologies are certainly available that are adequate for any number of applications, piezoresistive-based pressure sensors may be the smart choice for designers searching for sensors that are particularly well suited for ultra
  • Micro Fluidic Flow and Pressure
    of flow sensor chip. gases. 24. and TECHNOLOGY. September/October 2005. Gases &TechnologyFEATURE. a. b. c. Figure 3. (a) IQ+Flow mass flow controller; (b) IQ+Flow pressure controller; (c) customized. manifold flow pressure controller based on IQ+Flow modules (chip flow sensor, chip pressure. sensor, control
  • Choosing Sensors for Medical Applications (.pdf)
    ™ sensing. Figure 4: Intra-uterine. technology holds the promise of providing a triaxial force-sensing system. pressure sensor. able to measure tissue contact forces in all three dimensions. simultaneously. Silicon MEMS-based disposable pressure sensors are used in intrauterine. pressure (IUP) sensors
  • Evaluating the use of MEMS-based gas and fluid delivery systems
    and electromechanical counterparts. With recent MEMS innovations, the list of conventional gas and liquid control components that can be replaced with smaller, MEMS-based equivalents includes mass-flow controllers (MFCs), pressure regulators, and positive shutoff valves. It is now possible to replace
  • Advantages of using LCP based pre-molded leadframe packages for RF & MEMS applications
    packages. Advantages of LCP based Packages. 14-34 110th Street, College Point, NY 11356 USA • Voice +1 (718) 961 6212 • Fax +1 (718) 886 0573 • Web: Advantages of using LCP based pre-molded leadframe packages for RF & MEMS applications. By. Andy Longford – Consultant –Interplex
  • MicroFlow Sensor Overview
    based etching process. RTD- structure passivation. RTD On Membrane. Mikroflowsens- Technology. Sensor application – chip layouts and circuits. - Different resistor arrangements and values depending on flow application. - Customized sensors possible because of inexpensive mask processes. 1 heater, 1
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    differ, they are all undergoing improvements in design that are making more powerful and less expensive MEMS possible. Pressure Sensors A pressure sensor comprising a Wheatstone bridge piezoresistive silicon microstructure is one of the most common MEMS devices used in the medical industry

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