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  • In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry-perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors
    In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors .
  • A microchip optomechanical accelerometer
    In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS ac- celerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with sili- con/air bragg mirrors.
  • Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of BESOI-Accelerometer Exploiting Photonic Bandgap Materials
    [16] K. Zandi, B. Wong, Z. Jing, R. V. Kruzelecky, W. Jamroz, and Y. A. Peter, “In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerom- eter using waveguide Fabry – Perot microcavity with silicon/air Bragg mirrors,�? in Proc. IEEE 23rd Int. Conf...
  • Design, fabrication, and characterization of BESOI-accelerometer based on photonic band gap effect
    [7] K. Zandi, B. Wong, Z. Jing, R.V. Kruzelecky, W. Jamroz,Y.A. Peter, “In- plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors �?, MEMS2010, pp. 839-842, 2010.
  • Message from the co-chairs
  • 2013 Index Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems Vol. 22
    Xing, X., +, JMEMS Apr. 2013 363-371 MEMS Tunable Asymmetric Fabry – Perot Cavity for High-Precision Weighing of Macro Samples. Poulin, A., +, JMEMS Aug. 2013 884-891 Micromachined Piezoelectric Accelerometers via Epitaxial Silicon Can- tilevers and Bulk...
  • An optical MEMS sensor system
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  • A Hybrid MEMS–Fiber Optic Tunable Fabry–Perot Filter
    [6] G. C. Hill, R. Melamud, F. E. Declercq, A. A. Davenport, I. H. Chan, P. G. Hartwell, and B. L. Pruitt, “SU-8 MEMS Fabry – Perot pressure sensor,�? Sens. Actuators A, Phys., vol. ...A. Meyer, C. F. McConaghy, S. P. Swierkowski, and J. D. Wolfe, “Miniature accelerometer and multichannel signal...
    ...mask generation, 3 229, 230 inductively coupled plasmas (ICP), 2 4 inertia in accelerometers , 4 12, 18... ...15 integrals (boundary), numerical evaluation of, 1 250–252 integrated circuit (IC) technology in MEMS fabrication, 3 313... ...1 11 failures, analyzing, 3 299–304 GUIs See graphical user interfaces (GUIs) software in RP prototyping, 3 189 interference contours on MEMS devices, 2 73, 82, 83 interference principle in 3D shape characterization, 2 72 interferometers Fabry - Perot , 5 267–278 Mach-Zehnder...
  • Sensors Handbook, Second Edition > THE NANO/MEMS PROGRAM
    ...“Fabrication of High Frequency Two-Dimensional Nanoactuators for Scanned Probe Devices,�? J. MEMS , 1(1) 14–22... ...F. Hartley, and D. Atkins, “New Spring Design and Processes for an Electron Tunneling Tip Accelerometer (1997). [17] Jerman, J. H., D. J. Clift, and S. R. Mallisenson, “A Miniature Fabry - Perot Interferometer with a Corrugated Diaphragm Support,�? Technical Digest IEEE Solid State Sensor and Actuator Workshop, Hilton Head (June) 140–141 (1990).