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  • In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry-perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors
    In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors .
  • A microchip optomechanical accelerometer
    In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS ac- celerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with sili- con/air bragg mirrors.
  • Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of BESOI-Accelerometer Exploiting Photonic Bandgap Materials
    [16] K. Zandi, B. Wong, Z. Jing, R. V. Kruzelecky, W. Jamroz, and Y. A. Peter, “In-plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerom- eter using waveguide Fabry – Perot microcavity with silicon/air Bragg mirrors,�? in Proc. IEEE 23rd Int. Conf...
  • Design, fabrication, and characterization of BESOI-accelerometer based on photonic band gap effect
    [7] K. Zandi, B. Wong, Z. Jing, R.V. Kruzelecky, W. Jamroz,Y.A. Peter, “In- plane silicon-on-insulator optical MEMS accelerometer using waveguide fabry - perot microcavity with silicon/air bragg mirrors �?, MEMS2010, pp. 839-842, 2010.
  • Message from the co-chairs
  • 2013 Index Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems Vol. 22
    Xing, X., +, JMEMS Apr. 2013 363-371 MEMS Tunable Asymmetric Fabry – Perot Cavity for High-Precision Weighing of Macro Samples. Poulin, A., +, JMEMS Aug. 2013 884-891 Micromachined Piezoelectric Accelerometers via Epitaxial Silicon Can- tilevers and Bulk...
  • An optical MEMS sensor system
    ...Eric, E. Dan, S. Michelle, C. Chris, G. Adolfo, and C. Jim “ MEMS Electro-Optical Test... [lI] M.F. Miller, M.G. Allen, E. Arkilic, K.S. Breuer, and M.A. Schmidt, “ Fabry - Perot Pressure Sensor Arrays for Imaging Surface Pressure Distributions�?, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [I21 Gert I. Anderson, “A Novel 3-Axis Monolithic Silicon Accelerometer �?, The 8�? Intemational Conference on...
  • A Hybrid MEMS–Fiber Optic Tunable Fabry–Perot Filter
    [6] G. C. Hill, R. Melamud, F. E. Declercq, A. A. Davenport, I. H. Chan, P. G. Hartwell, and B. L. Pruitt, “SU-8 MEMS Fabry – Perot pressure sensor,�? Sens. Actuators A, Phys., vol. ...A. Meyer, C. F. McConaghy, S. P. Swierkowski, and J. D. Wolfe, “Miniature accelerometer and multichannel signal...
    ...mask generation, 3 229, 230 inductively coupled plasmas (ICP), 2 4 inertia in accelerometers , 4 12, 18... ...15 integrals (boundary), numerical evaluation of, 1 250–252 integrated circuit (IC) technology in MEMS fabrication, 3 313... ...1 11 failures, analyzing, 3 299–304 GUIs See graphical user interfaces (GUIs) software in RP prototyping, 3 189 interference contours on MEMS devices, 2 73, 82, 83 interference principle in 3D shape characterization, 2 72 interferometers Fabry - Perot , 5 267–278 Mach-Zehnder...
  • Sensors Handbook, Second Edition > THE NANO/MEMS PROGRAM
    ...“Fabrication of High Frequency Two-Dimensional Nanoactuators for Scanned Probe Devices,�? J. MEMS , 1(1) 14–22... ...F. Hartley, and D. Atkins, “New Spring Design and Processes for an Electron Tunneling Tip Accelerometer (1997). [17] Jerman, J. H., D. J. Clift, and S. R. Mallisenson, “A Miniature Fabry - Perot Interferometer with a Corrugated Diaphragm Support,�? Technical Digest IEEE Solid State Sensor and Actuator Workshop, Hilton Head (June) 140–141 (1990).
  • An electromagnetically driven lamellar grating based Fourier transform microspectrometer
    Miniaturized spectrometers that are inexpensive and portable should be able to meet this requirement. In . recent . years, . remarkable . advances . in . microelectromechanical systems ( MEMS ) technology, which is developed from the silicon... ...many types of devices, such as micro- accelerometers , gyroscopes and micromirrors [3... ...researchers also focused on the field of micro-spectrometers and several novel designs have been developed, including micromachined in-plane and out-of-plane dispersive gratings [5], polychromators based on programmable diffractive gratings [6–8], tunable Fabry – Perot filters [9, 10], miniaturized...
  • Intelligent polynomial curve fitting for time-domain triggered inertial devices
    REFERENCES [1] A. Beliveau, G.T. Spencer, K.A. Thomas, S.L. Robertson, "Evaluation of MEMS capacitive accelerometers ", IEEE Design and Test of Computers, 16 (4), pp. 48-56, (1999). R.L. Waters, M.E. Aklufi, "Micromachined Fabry - Perot Interferometer for Motion Detection", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 81 pp. 3320 (2002).
  • Guest Editorial—Special Issue on Selected Papers From the 11th IEEE Sensors Conference 2012
    In fabrication contributions, new doping technique of polysilicon at low temperature, high-voltage nMOS struc- tures in a standard CMOS process, and novel MEMS fab- rication to enable split interdigitated fingers for an MEMS accelerometer were also included. Furthermore, an MEMS-based Fabry - Perot tunable filter was also selected due to the precise controls of transmission wavelength.
  • Development of An Optical Micro AE Sensor With An Automatic Tuning System
    Capacitive accelerometer , fiber sensors, optical hydrophone and ultrasonic sensors are studied in the project, and some of... One of the major research areas currently under investigation in the project is the field of op- tical acoustic/seismic/ultrasonic microsensors using the principles of the Fabry - Perot interfer- ometer (FPI) [4, 5... ...principle and the availability of MEMS tech- nologies for fabrication.
  • Subject Index
    ZnO surface micromachined piezoelec. accelerometers , design, sensitivity anals. DeVoe, D.L., + , J- MEMS Jun 01 180-186 Image processing; cf. Image sequences Image sensors; cf... Rembe, C., + , J-MEMS Mar 01 137-145 Imaging; cf. Infrared imaging Indium compounds InP tunable Fabry - Perot filter, involuntary underetching.