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    Gyroscopes - (59 companies)
    This specification covers one type of rate switching gyroscope, designated Type MC-1. References. MEMS Gyroscopes and their Applications. Image credits: MTC Industries and Research | Silicon Sensing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    MEMS Devices - (40 companies)
    MEMS production equipment is used to manufacture MEMS devices such as accelerometers and gyroscopes for inertial sensing applications, and geophones for both seismic sensing and vibration sensing. There are many different types of MEMS devices... Learn More
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    MEMS Processing Equipment - (42 companies) is used to manufacture a wide variety of MEMS sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes used in inertial sensing applications, such as indicators to control the deployment of vehicle airbags. Geophones are another type of MEMS sensor... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    MEMS Foundry - (80 companies)
    MEMS foundry services suppliers design and manufacture microelectromechanical devices on a contract basis, in prototype to production quantities. MEMS foundry services suppliers design and manufacture microelectromechanical devices on a contract... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Inertial Navigation Systems - (78 companies)
    Inertial navigation systems use a combination of accelerometers and angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) to detect altitude, location, and motion. They may also be capable of detecting attitude, position, velocity, temperature, or magnetic field... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - (25 companies)
    Inertial measurement units (IMU) use integrated gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect the distance and direction traveled over a period of time. Measurements are summed to determine change from an initial location. Calibration parameters can... Learn More
  • Accelerometers - (286 companies)
    Accelerometers are instruments for measuring, displaying, and analyzing acceleration and vibration. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Compasses - (55 companies)
    ...gyrocompasses, and solid-state compasses. Thumb compasses are used mainly in orienteering, map reading, and navigational training. Consequently, these devices have few markings. Gyrocompasses are compasses that are similar to gyroscopes... Learn More
  • Sensor Chips - (286 companies)
    Sensor chips are dies incorporating semiconductor circuit elements that are used to convert changes to some physical parameter to an electrical signal. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electronic Noses - (4 companies)
    Electronic noses detect the fingerprint of specific odors, flavors or chemicals using a sampling system, pattern recognition software and a sensor array based on MOSFET semiconductor, conductive polymer, quartz crystal microbalance, MEMS, DNA, MS... Learn More
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Conduct Research a handheld navigation device such as a smartphone that has three-axis accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometers adds a tenth degree of freedom. Pressure sensing allows the navigation device to locate the exact floor of a destination. MEMS pressure sensors typically measure the pressure difference across...

Vibrating gyroscopes use micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology and a vibrating, quartz tuning-fork to measure Coriolis force. When rotated, a vibrating element (vibrating resonator) is subjected to the Coriolis Effect, causing secondary vibration orthogonal to the original vibrating...

As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day Gnat-sized robots, microscopic gyroscopes, television beamed directly onto your retina. This may sound like a grocery list for a crazed sci-fi visionary. But all these projects are in the works today, thanks to an emerging chip...

...million battery packs used in Docomo's 3G handsets. MEMS gyroscopes eye projected CE windfall Gyroscopes may soon give accelerometers a run for their money as the microelectromechanical systems of choice in a new breed of consumer gadgets, thanks to the advent of low-cost gyros from a MEMS startup...

...production and 39-nm development. ON Semi claims patent infringement by Samsung ON Semiconductor has filed a U.S. patent infringement suit against Samsung Electronics and its U.S. subsidiaries alleging the infringement of four patents. MEMS gyroscopes eye projected CE windfall Gyroscopes may soon give...

...that contains two or more accelerometers. With some understanding of fundamental physics, they can extract more than just linear acceleration data from their system. This application note describes how to use two Kionix MEMS low-g accelerometers to enable rotational measurements. Applicable theory, plots...

The Pro family of plasma etch and deposition tools is compatible with advanced silicon etch technology, which achieves the anisotropic deep-etched structures in silicon needed to make MEMS devices such as accelerometers; gyroscopes; precision spectrophotometer slits; and microactuator, micromotor...

Most can be assigned to one of three categories: force balanced, solid state (MEMS),. and fluid filled. Each category encompasses many variations, each having its own advantages and. disadvantages. For example, the force-balanced type generally provides superior performance but costs. more...

Rod. Viscometers. Visibility Sensors. Voltmeters. Water Quality Sensors. Weather Sensors. Weight and Cable. Books. Analytical Chemistry. Biomedical Engineering. Biosensors. Biotechnology. Electronics & Electrical Engineering. Food Science. MEMS and Nanotechnology. Optics & Lasers. Piezoelectrics...

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