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Parts by Number for MEMS Instrument Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TALP3001 Digi-Key Texas Instruments Sensors, Transducers IC MEMS SCANNING MIRROR 8XCEPT

Conduct Research Top

  • MEMS Inspection and Testing
    and then defective dies or chips are marked. Ink marks were traditionally used, but electronic wafer maps are now being employed. Probing instruments are used for in-line parametric or wafer sorting electrical tests on gates, MEMS devices, IC devices or electrical circuits. In-line parametric tests
  • MEMS Motion Sensors, the Solution for Harsh Environments in Defence Applications
    MEMS accelerometers are precise. even in harsh environment. One. of the best example of utilization of. the MEMS sensor technology in a very. rugged defence environment is the. M982 Excalibur, a 155mm extended. range guided artillery shell, developed. by United States based Raytheon. Missile
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    Improvements in the design, manufacture, and packaging of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are lowering the costs and increasing the capabilities of these tiny devices. MEMS have been an important and growing part of the medical industry since the 1980s. The microstructures are well suited
  • Using MEMS to Control Blending at AstraZeneca
    previously been used for on-line blend monitoring using instruments based on diode array and acousto-optical tunable filter technologies. (6) This paper discusses the application of a MEMS-based NIR spectrometer for on-line monitoring of powder blending in a rotating bin blender. MEMS is an acronym
  • MEMS-Based High Throughput Screening
    The customer needs to do frequency analysis to determine the resonant frequency of an oscillating micro-fabricated device. They will use a Laser Doppler Vibrometer to monitor the physical oscillation. This is an instrument that looks at the light reflected from the surface of a moving part
  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: Veeco Instruments, Inc. (.pdf)
    that is being measured. The user. nanometer resolution in a small footprint, uses one Galil. can select either phase shifting interferometry (PSI), a fast. DMC-3425. It enables cost-effective metrology for R &D as. method for measuring flat surfaces, or vertical scanning inter-. well as in producing MEMS
  • Secure optical communication system utilizing deformable MEMS mirrors
    . Commercial / Industrial. Metrology - Laser Tracking. Laboratory Instruments. FTIR Spectroscopy. technical publications. Technology In The News. Monolithic Optical Structure Technology ( M.O.S.T.™). contact us. home. ADVANCED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY. PLX provides unique optical instruments, technologies
  • Medical Device Link . Packaging Technology for Miniature IVD Instrumentation
    development of MEMS technologies promises to produce inexpensive, self-contained microfluidic devices with performance and accuracy superior to their larger and more-expensive laboratory counterparts. In time, these instruments may replace many other time-consuming and less-sensitive laboratory

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