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  • Laboratory directed research and development annual report 2003.
    … 169 Microsystems for Reagent Delivery, 167 Tagging for Tracking and Authentication of Documents, 577 Brunett, B. A. Advanced Digital Detectors for Neutron Imaging, 546 … … C. R. Microsensors in Radioactive -Waste Management, 502 Self … … Mechanics and Tribology of MEMS Materials, 258 Bukaty, M …
  • Laboratory Directed Research and Development FY 2000 Annual Report
    … UV Optics Modeling and Simulation for Critical InfrastructureProtection Multivariate Climatic-ChangeDetection Nanolaminate Structuresfor Bioelectrorecognition NanotubeApplicationsfor Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction Detectors Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei … … of Nuclear Physics Using Radioactive Ion Beams A New … … for Large-ScaleComputational Electromagnetics MEMS -Based Fuel Cell for …
  • Controlling Ultra Wide Band Transmissions from a Wireless Micromachined Geiger Counter
    Nuclear Science, 44(3), June 1997 pp. 806-14 [6] C.G. Wilson, et al., “A microfabricated beta-particle detector with dual cavities for energy spectroscopy,” IEEE MEMS , 1/05 [7] B. Mitra … … “Broadband wireless sensing of radioactive chemicals utilizing inherent RF …
  • A magnetically enhanced 3-electrode wireless micro-geiger counter
    … pp. 682- 685, Jan. 2006 [9] C.G. Wilson, C.K. Eun, Y.B. Gianchandani, “A microfabricated beta- particle detector with dual cavities for … … IEEE Intl. Conf. on MEMS , Miami, Jan. 2005 [10 … … “Broadband wireless sensing of radioactive chemicals utilizing inherent RF …
  • Monitoring/Verification using DMS: TATP Example
    … sources are also under investigation to address the issue of transport of a radioactive source, and the … The FAIMS detector is a MEMS device, which can be developed into a CBE sensor mote for distributed mesh WSN applications.
  • Energy Harvesting for Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Networks
    … for using these materials in common household and office devices such as smoke detectors and illuminated signs. Currently, research efforts associated with small-scale radioactive energy harvesting devices focus on reducing the cost and … The atomic batteries have potential applications in MEMS devices, SHM embedded sensing networks, or human medical sensing …
  • News & update
    Oncethepowerissueissolved,manymore applications would become available for MEMS , said Amit Lal, an electrical engi- neering professor at … Using extremely small amounts of ra- dioactive material in products is not new. Smoke detectors function with the aid of a radioactive substance that electrically charges the air.
  • Quantum 1/f and classical phase noise in resonant bio-chemical MEMS sensors
    It is present in the resonance frequency of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) quartz resonators, in surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, in junction and MIS infrared detectors , in superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs), in electron beams, micro-electro-mechanical systems ( MEMS ), etc. It was found in the rate of radioactive decay, in the flow rate of sand in an …
  • Wafer Level Packaging for MEMS Geiger Counter
    Abstract—The size of conventional Geiger counters is large because the detector (GM tubes: Geiger muller tubes) is … In this paper, an MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) GM tube using a wafer level packaging is … … 6 kV to the MEMS-GM tube, pulse waves were observed when a radioactive material approached to …
  • Design and characterization of a biomedical device capable of pico-CI level beta detection for the study of cell metabolism
    To improve the sensitivity, the distance between the radioactive source and the PSAPD detector is kept at a minimum to reduce the attenuation of the emitted beta particles. MEMS 2008, Tucson, AZ, USA, January 13-17, 2008280 .