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  • Laboratory Directed Research and Development FY 2000 Annual Report
    ...UV Optics Modeling and Simulation for Critical InfrastructureProtection Multivariate Climatic-ChangeDetection Nanolaminate Structuresfor Bioelectrorecognition NanotubeApplicationsfor Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction Detectors Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei... ...of Nuclear Physics Using Radioactive Ion Beams A New... ...for Large-ScaleComputational Electromagnetics MEMS -Based Fuel Cell for...
  • Controlling Ultra Wide Band Transmissions from a Wireless Micromachined Geiger Counter
    Nuclear Science, 44(3), June 1997 pp. 806-14 [6] C.G. Wilson, et al., “A microfabricated beta-particle detector with dual cavities for energy spectroscopy,�? IEEE MEMS , 1/05 [7] B. Mitra... ...“Broadband wireless sensing of radioactive chemicals utilizing inherent RF...
  • Laboratory directed research and development annual report 2003.
    ...855 High-Efficiency Turbine Blade Coatings, 483 Rarefied-Gas Dynamics and Surface Interactions, 220 Simulate Noncontinuum Gas Flows for MEMS Devices, 234 Gallup, D... ...Gao, H. Microsensors in Radioactive -Waste Management, 502 Self... ...Dynamics, 220 Flame-based detector , 437 Headspace detection, 502...
  • A magnetically enhanced 3-electrode wireless micro-geiger counter
    ...pp. 682- 685, Jan. 2006 [9] C.G. Wilson, C.K. Eun, Y.B. Gianchandani, “A microfabricated beta- particle detector with dual cavities for... ...IEEE Intl. Conf. on MEMS , Miami, Jan. 2005 [10... ...“Broadband wireless sensing of radioactive chemicals utilizing inherent RF...
  • Monitoring/Verification using DMS: TATP Example
    ...sources are also under investigation to address the issue of transport of a radioactive source, and the... The FAIMS detector is a MEMS device, which can be developed into a CBE sensor mote for distributed mesh WSN applications.
  • News & update
    Oncethepowerissueissolved,manymore applications would become available for MEMS , said Amit Lal, an electrical engi- neering professor at... Using extremely small amounts of ra- dioactive material in products is not new. Smoke detectors function with the aid of a radioactive substance that electrically charges the air.
  • Quantum 1/f and classical phase noise in resonant bio-chemical MEMS sensors
    It is present in the resonance frequency of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) quartz resonators, in surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, in junction and MIS infrared detectors , in superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs), in electron beams, micro-electro-mechanical systems ( MEMS ), etc. It was found in the rate of radioactive decay, in the flow rate of sand in an...
  • Energy Harvesting for Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Networks
    ...for using these materials in common household and office devices such as smoke detectors and illuminated signs. Currently, research efforts associated with small-scale radioactive energy harvesting devices focus on reducing the cost and... The atomic batteries have potential applications in MEMS devices, SHM embedded sensing networks, or human medical sensing...
  • Design and characterization of a biomedical device capable of pico-CI level beta detection for the study of cell metabolism
    To improve the sensitivity, the distance between the radioactive source and the PSAPD detector is kept at a minimum to reduce the attenuation of the emitted beta particles. MEMS 2008, Tucson, AZ, USA, January 13-17, 2008280 .
  • Wafer Level Packaging for MEMS Geiger Counter
    Abstract—The size of conventional Geiger counters is large because the detector (GM tubes: Geiger muller tubes) is... In this paper, an MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) GM tube using a wafer level packaging is... ...6 kV to the MEMS-GM tube, pulse waves were observed when a radioactive material approached to...

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