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  • Good Solid Modeling, Bad FEA
    , and an understanding of inherent limitations. A few practical examples demonstrate why using unmodified CAD geometry for FEA can lead to erroneous results. Automeshing is a purely geometric function. The mesh generator simply fills up the available space with elements because it knows nothing about
  • Actuator with Diode
    This actuator example demonstrates the power of a fully integrated MagNet's Transient 3D with motion solver which simultaneously solves the circuit equations, the field equations on the finite element mesh, and the equations of motion. All three sets of equations include some sort of non-linearity
  • Why Neutral Grounding Resistors Need Monitoring (.pdf)
    in an open NGR. Every device has a useful service life and NGRs are no. different. Figure 3 shows an NGR in an outdoor location. and housed in a steel mesh enclosure. Outdoor-installed. equipment is subject to the local extremes of temperature. and humidity. In an installation such as this, the resistor
  • Details of Involute Gearing
    of the two involutes, as Figure 3-2 shows, slides along the common. generating machine. Fig. 2-19. Face Gear. tangent of the two base circles as rotation occurs. The common tangent is. called the line-of-contact, or line-of-action. A pair of gears can only mesh correctly if the pitches
  • Position and speed of metal components measured with variable reluctance sensor
    in the ring as the sensor operates. The distortion in the field due to eddy currents in the conductive ring is noticeable. Click to play. REMESH REGION around the RING. A Virtual region encompassing the ring is created to refine the mesh in the air gap around the ring, optimizing the results
  • Using Your Vibration Condition Monitoring System To Monitor Auxiliary Equipment
    . For these types of machine the vibration spectra may contain information over a wide range of frequencies that may be related to gear-mesh frequencies for gearboxes or inner or outer race frequencies for rolling element bearings. The following features are provided as standard within PROTOR
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Packaged in a sterile blister tray, the ESD device kit consists of an external accessory channel, a Sew-Right suture-delivery device, and a Ti-Knot crimper. Constructed of a two-layer plastic tube with wire mesh, the accessory channel ensures secure endoscope attachment. As only the distal tip
  • Medical Device Link .
    in a high-vacuum glass envelope. The cathode is a directly heated, fine tungsten wire coated by an alkaline earth metal oxide. The grid is a thin metal mesh, and the anode is a segment or dot formed as a conductive electrode on which phosphor is printed. The shape of the phosphor segment or the arrangement

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