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  • Frequency Hopping and Unwanted Intruders
    radio (where a listener finds the specific radio frequency and listens to the message being sent) has an added element of security over a wire because message is usually encoded and the listener can only make sense of it when he/she has the appropriate receiver.
  • Industrial Networks Get Synced Up
    at the slave. The difference in the master and slave time-stamps represents the offset of the slave plus the message transmission delay. The slave clock adjusts itself to compensate for this difference. To correct for message-transmission delay, the slave uses a second set of sync and follow-up messages
  • Evolution of the RFIC Handset PAs
    that The new digital systems not only increased efficiency. of the phone but also enabled the addition. of new features such as short message service. (SMS) text messaging and downloadable content. With the increasing demand for data transmission. in addition to voice usage, third-generation. (3G) networks
  • Global Concerns Discussed at BIO
    By Bill Swichtenberg, Senior Editor While it may seem that pharmaceutical manufacturers are bitter enemies on the competitive battleground, it turns out that most of them have the same problems and concerns and are willing to help one another if possible. This was the message from the BIO
  • Internet Spam From Industrial Networks? It's Possible
    with unreadable text and symbols. Every so often it printed a typical spam message. Mr. Johnson found the printer was susceptible to a well-known Internet attack vector called FTP Bounce or FTP Echo. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a common method of sending data from one computer to another
  • Smart Computing Article - Hosiden to Hz
    hosts are computers owned by ISPs (Internet service providers) or companies, and they handle coding and decoding information that is sent online. Messages are stored on the host until a user retrieves them. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send and receive message from
  • Smart Computing Article - IDE to imaging
    connections with lengths of up to 100 meters. This would let users network computers throughout a home. A command or an instruction the computer does not understand and considers illegal is known as an illegal operation. Occasionally you may see an illegal operation error message while working