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  • Piezo Buzzer & Magnetic Buzzer
    A piezo buzzer generates sound because of the piezoelectric effect from the piezoelectric ceramic which drives the metallic diaphragm to vibrate. A magnetic buzzer is based on the electromagnetic principle, the metal diaphragm is pulled when input the power, and spring back without power.
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    which sensing technology is best for their application --a debate among sensor suppliers that centers heavily on metal- versus silicon-based processes. Consisting of mounting metal elements onto a metal diaphragm using an insulator or epoxy, metal foil strain-gauge technology is typically utilized
  • External Drive Circuitry Transducers
    External drive circuitry transducers have a single coil and a magnetic circuit composed of a permanent magnet, an iron core, a highly permeable metal disk and a vibrating diaphragm. The disk and diaphragm are attracted to the core by the magnet's magnetic field. When an oscillating signal moves
  • Diversity in Part Production
    Contract stamper serving a wide range of markets (examples include: precision diaphragms that are very thin metal stampings produced from exotic metals; automotive parts; medical implants and tools; and other "custom" customers {900+ in total} serving a diverse range of applications and markets).
  • Medical Device Link .
    Custom molded rubber parts are bonded to metal components for prototype and production applications. (Shakopee, MN; offer rubber molding of components such as valve assemblies, diaphragms, gear and sprocket assemblies, and mounting devices. Included are a broad range
  • Hear this: CMOS microphones on a chip
    cameras. A scanning electron microscope image of the diaphragm on the Akustica microphone chip shows the serpentine pattern created in the chip's metal and oxide layers. The special structure is necessary to
  • Ventiduct Option for Temperature Sensitive and Volatile Media Applications
    The Ventiduct is an optional part fitted between the valve body and solenoid. It has ducts for ventilation and heat radiation. Ventiduct isolates and protects the metal solenoid parts from contact with volatile corrosive gases such as Trifluoro Acetic Acid that manage to pass through a standard
  • Evaluating the use of hard-mask films during bulk silicon etching
    Ken Goldman, K. Sooriakumar, Cindy Ray, and Mark Schade, Bulk-micromachined silicon pressure sensors typically consist of a diaphragm that deflects when subjected to a pressure load, a boron-implanted piezoresistive transducer that translates strain to a differential voltage, and metal pads

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