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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
METAL FILM RESISTOR ASAP Semiconductor 25FRF524K64 Not Provided T&R
RESISTOR National Microchip METAL FILM Not Provided 12K OHM
LEADED METAL FILM RESISTOR 1W 0.1OHM National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
RN60C2432F PLC Radwell Vishay Dale Components, Resistor RESISTOR METAL FILM 24.3KOHMS 1 PERCENT 1/8W 50PPM
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  • Metal-Film Resistors
    Metal-film resistors are produced by depositing a resistive element on a high-grade, ceramic rod. The metal film's resistive element may be carbon, nickel chromium; or a mixture of metal and glass, or metal and metal oxide. The precise resistance is achieved by removing part of the metal film
  • Wirewound VS. Film Resistors
    quantities, and are excellent in high frequency and fast rise time applications. It is obvious; the key to selecting wirewound or metal film precision resistor technology is in the application. To summarize: Wirewound vs. Metal Film Resistors. Wirewound. Metal Film. Tolerance. Best. Stability. Best. TCR
  • SMD Resistor Thermal Analysis
    The ability of a surface mount resistor to dissipate a given amount of power is ultimately limited by the temperature of the active resistor film. Assuming that the effects of convection and radiation are negligible, this film temperature is determined by the accumulation of increases
  • Wirewound vs. Film Resistors for Precision Applications
    technology products are replacing carbon resistors. There are two common film types, thick film and metal or thin film. Thick film resistors are made by silk-screening conductive paint onto an insulating substrate. The paint is "fired" to make the assembly permanent. Thick film resistors have many
  • Design Guidelines - Thick Film Resistors and Patterned Substrates
    be flexible. Contact the factory for your special requirements. (TCR 100 ppm typ., 200 max. ims International. Manufacturing. Services, Inc. Design Guidelines. Thick Film. Guidelines apply to both Al2O3 and ALN (Aluminum Nitride) substrates unless otherwise noted. dimensions are in inches unless
  • The Good Old Power Resistors
    . Look at the chart: athough metal foil technology is a close second to wirewounds, other technologies are generally unable to measure up in power rating, tolerance and TCR. Power Resistors - Technology Comparison. Wire-wound. Metal Oxide. Thick Film. Metal Film. Metal Foil. Resistance (Ohms). 0.003
  • Ferro Techniek's Thick Film Heater Basics
    ). Carrier sheet metal. www.thickfi Tick Film Heaters. A current through the heater. tracks generates heat that. will be conducted through. the thin layers. < 1.7 mm. Carrier material (stainless). steel or ceramic. KERDI (insulator). Heater tracks (resistor). Thus
  • Thin-Film Sputtering Deposition Strain Sensors
    on the substrate to insulate circuit power from the underlying metal. Then a thin film of resistive alloy is sputtered over the dielectric layer. This layer is laser trimmed under power to produce the balanced resistors of the Wheatstone bridge. Wires attached to bonding pads applied to the circuit

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