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  • How Coatings Work
    . The particles are mechanically bonded and the resulting new surface layer therefore cannot chip, flake, peel or rub off. Because these coatings create metal surfaces that are superior in performance to both the original base metal and to the components of the coatings, Magnaplate surface enhancements
  • Medical Device Link .
    electromagnetic interference, manufacturers use paint, plating, or vacuum metallization processes to apply conductive coatings. In the past, conductive paint coatings had to be as much as 75 mm thick to provide adequate protection. Paint coatings also tended to flake or lose particles, causing
  • Space-Age Enhancement Coating Solves Aluminum Longeron Failures On T-38 Jets
    permanent non-stick and anti-static properties. The TUFRAM H.O. surface enhancement coating is not a "coating" in the usual sense of the word. It become an integral part of the surface of the aluminum, and will not chip, flake, peel or rub off.Since the resulting surfaces are superior in performance both