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  • Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers (.pdf)
    these processes are essential for sanitizing rubber parts, they often have an adverse effect on the integrity of the material. In this study, we evaluate the mechanical properties of three types of commercially available silicone rubbers (platinum cured liquid silicone rubber LSR, platinum cured high
  • What Are Refractory Metals?
    have?. The mechanical and physical properties of refractory metals are compared to other common metals in. Table 1. The strength values of the metals in Table I are given in ranges because the strengths of these metals may vary. considerably with form and processing. Strength is not the only thing
  • Fractography of Metals and Plastics (.pdf)
    properties through mechanical, chem-. de Réaumur[2] published a book with. ical, and thermal testing; (5) selection,. engravings that depicted macroscopic. preservation, and cleaning of fracture. and microscopic fracture surfaces of. surfaces; (6) macroscopic examination. iron and steel. Interestingly
  • Technical Brief: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Solid Zinc Strip - Comparison to Other Metals
    Technical Brief: Joining of Solid Zinc Strip Technical Brief: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Solid Zinc. Strip – Comparison to Other Metals. English Units. Stainless. DQ. Rolled Strip Zinc Alloys. Brass. Copper. Aluminum. Steel. Steel. 190. 500. 710. 750. 70/30. ETP. 304. 1008. 3003
  • Rolling out complex metal parts
    Revolution. Cold rolling compresses and spreads metal bar or coil stock between a series of preshaped rollers. This improves the metal's mechanical properties. Of the two processes, cold rolling imparts better surface finishes and is more suited for simpler profiles with less-demanding tolerances
  • Texture Gradient Effects on the Mechanical Response of a Rolled Tantalum Plate (.pdf)
    . Bibliography. For more details on this work see the following papers: G. I. Taylor (1938). "Plastic Strain in Materials. " Journal of the Institute of Metals 62, 307-324. S. I. Wright, G. T. Gray III, and A. D. Rollett (1994). "Textural and Microstructural Gradient. Effects on the Mechanical
  • Mechanical Properties of Metal Injection Moulded 316L Stainless Steel Using Both Prealloy and Master Alloy Techniques
    to be less susceptible to moulding defects. The sintering strength of the material produced using the prealloyed powder was higher than the master alloyed prepared material. ./2289d5c4-74b5-4c88-bb0e-805691ae69a8 Mechanical properties of metal injection. moulded 316l stainless steel using both prealloy
  • Brazing with Nicketl Based Brazing Filler Metals
    the. for brazing operations depending on the base metals,. solidus temperature of the base materials. The filler. heating methods and final mechanical and corrosion. metal is distributed between the closely fitted surfaces. properties required by various industries. Successful. of the joint by capillary