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  • What Are Refractory Metals?
    are extracted from ore concentrates, processed into chemicals and then into powders. The. powders are consolidated into finished products or mill shapes and ingots for further processing. Because of their. high melting points and ease of oxidation, refractory metals are usually worked in powder form
  • Solder Powder: IPC
    Flux. Package-on-Package Flux. Tacky Flux. TCB and Copper PIllar Flux. Wave Flux. Wafer Bumping Flux. Inorganic Compounds. Featured Products. Indium Compounds. Gallium Compounds. Germanium Compounds. Metals. Indium. Gallium. Tin. Germanium. Reclaim and Recycle. NanoFoil (R). Sheets. Preforms. Powders
  • Powder-Forged Connecting Rod Evaluation
    the. rod cap end, and then machining portions of. the product to realize the final dimensional. characteristics of the component. The powder forged (PF) rod is: fabricated by consolidating metal powders into a preform that. is sintered, reheated to forging temperature (or in some cases forged
  • Metals and Ceramics
    bonding to create an adherent joint: These entail sintering molybdenum or tungsten powders to glassy phase-containing oxides. Often, bond-enhancing additives are used. The refractory metal powders simultaneously sinter both together and to the ceramic. The glassy phase in the ceramic will migrate
  • Advances in Powder Processing Technologies for Chemical, Food and Mineral Applications
    of minerals and metal oxides. Fluid Energy Impact Mills. Fluid energy impact (jet) mills utilize the principle of size reduction via particle-to-. particle collision. Particles are accelerated in a high-velocity gas stream and are reduced by. inter-particle collision or impact against a solid surface
  • Advanced Reactor System for the Fine Control of Properties of Molybdenum Powder
    system from both product quality con-. trol and cost saving. Introduction. In the refractory metal industry, fine-grain molybdenum (Mo) powder is usual y produced by a two-stage reduction process. Both Ammonium Di-Molybdate (ADM) and Molybdenum Trioxide (MoO3) can be the starting materials
  • Metal Injection Molding of Co-28Cr-6Mo
    applications, metal injection molding. (MIM) can compete favorably with castings on cost. Two pre-alloyed, -25 µm Co-28Cr-6Mo powders were. selected for evaluation. One powder was produced by gas-. In addition to the property requirements summarized in these. atomization, the other
  • Isotropic Forming of Porous Structures via Metal Injection Molding
    Porous 316L stainless steel structures have been fabricated via metal injection molding (MIM) for both water- and gas-atomized powders. The metal injection molding process offers the unique ability to produce net-shape parts with homogenous porosity, pore structure, and permeability. In this study

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