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Parts by Number for Metal Plug Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CIRC National Microchip PLUG Not Provided METAL
PLUG BUTTON .5ID METAL National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
EL-GHH-1C-303-DMBE52 ASAP Semiconductor ECONNEK Not Provided METAL PLUG 3 PINS

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  • Checking Cleaning Efficiency of Metal Parts
    For applications involving gas regulators, space shuttle components, weaponry parts or oxygen sensors, it is critical that metal parts must be free of hydrocarbon contamination before use. Prior to its ban due to ozone layer depletion, Freon was the most commonly-used solvent for metal parts
  • Rapid, Gentle Blending Maximizes Strength of Powder Metal Parts
    Nestled in the heart of the powder metal capital of the world, Allegheny Blending Technologies (ABT) specializes in custom blending of ferrous and non-ferrous powder metals that are sold to molders of powder metal parts. These blends of iron powder and additives (copper, nickel, graphite, manganese
  • Position and speed of metal components measured with variable reluctance sensor
    Variable reluctance sensors are used to measure position and speed of moving metal components. This sensor consists of a permanent magnet, a ferromagnetic pole piece, a pickup coil, and a rotating toothed wheel. As the wheel rotates, the reluctance of the flux path through the coil changes
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Plugs
    , Apples, Switzerland. Medical connectors Potential equalization connectors eliminate voltage hazards that may occur when different metal parts are touched simultaneously. The 1.5-mm-diam POAG connectors are designed in accordance with DIN 42802, the German standard for medical connectors. They combine
  • Enhanced Polyisocyanurate Foams for Metal Faced Panels (.pdf)
    combustibility standards, which is why polyisocyanurate modified polyurethane foams are increasingly preferred to their polyurethane based counterparts. �� Enhanced Polyisocyanurate Foams for Metal Faced Panels. GIUSEPPE VAIRO. LUIGI PELLACANI. Dow Italia Srl. Dow Italia Srl. Via Carpi, 29 42015
  • Cotterman Co. Built Metal Tough (.pdf)
    Metal Tough. presentations. For more information on TigerStop, visit. For more information on Cotterman, visit.
  • A Push Towards Efficiency
    a geometrically characterized plug for superior throttling dynamics. It incorporates a formed internal diaphragm that is bonded to a characterized metal plug. The diaphragm/body has smooth internal passages to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing. The plug head provides rigidity to the otherwise flexible
  • Accessory Power Systems
    protection. Rugged all-metal construction. Professional appearance. UL Listing, CSA Certification, VDE or TÜV Approval. According to Wersen, the idea behind the inlet and outlet configuration was that the client wanted the entire system to utilize cord sets with the appropriate export plug in addition