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  • Vibrating Beam Slurry Wall, Organoclay Containing Slurry, Repairs Leaking Landfill Liners (.pdf)
    Leaking landfill liners cause the groundwater to be contaminated by various organic compounds and heavy metals. Groundwater below storage tanks and yards of chemical storage sites, at military bases and other sites, is often contaminated with plumes of DNAPL and other organic compounds
  • RTO Handles High VOC Loading at Silgan Containers
    As the first generation of oxidizer systems in the industry nears the end of their service life, many canmaking plants face repair or replacement of their existing air pollution control systems. Anguil | RTO Handles High VOC Loading at Silgan Containers | Innovative Air Pollution Control Solutions
  • Medical Device Link .
    with most commonly used polymers and metals, and, when combined with antibacterial compounds, can help reduce the risk of device-related infections. The free brochure provides details about the technology used to manufacture the coatings and spells out the company's R &D capabilities. Customers can obtain
  • Coatings Address Engineering Problems
    . Organic and inorganic-based coating technologies create wear-resistant, liquid or vapor barriers inert to most any known compounds. These coatings are inert to most chemicals, including acids, alkalies, halogens, metal salts, solvents, and exhibit excellent corrosion resistance. Upon request, we
  • Medical Device Link .
    Electronic connectors typically fail when corrosion of their interfacing metal surfaces creates insulating by-products that make signal transmission intermittent or impossible (see Figure 1). A close look with a microscope at the metal-to-metal interface in an electronic connector reveals
  • Molykote (R) P-37 Anti-Seize Paste Reduces Thread Failures on Oil Drilling Equipment
    as the root cause of the bolt failures. Another contributing cause was that many common anti-seize pastes. contain sulfur, phosphorous, zinc and lead-based compounds. These can. cause stress-corrosion cracking and thread embrittlement. Both conditions. can lead to grain-boundary cracks in metal bolt
  • The Sun Z-R Cladding Technology
    , and explosion cladding compared to solid construction will all be. covered. The SPF method of brazing (diffusion) of a thin 0.2mm to 2.0mm corrosion resistant metal. to a structural substrate is included, along with some chemical process case histories. KEYWORDS. Reactive metals, cladding, batten bar
  • Medical Device Link .
    -in-place EMI gaskets to include single-component silicone-based compounds that can reduce package dimensions and provide additional packaging space for board-level components. ElectroForm Series 8558 compounds reduce raw material, labor, and assembly requirements for shielding and grounding metal

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