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  • Technical Brief: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Solid Zinc Strip - Comparison to Other Metals
    Technical Brief: Joining of Solid Zinc Strip Technical Brief: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Solid Zinc. Strip – Comparison to Other Metals. English Units. Stainless. DQ. Rolled Strip Zinc Alloys. Brass. Copper. Aluminum. Steel. Steel. 190. 500. 710. 750. 70/30. ETP. 304. 1008. 3003
  • Destructive Quality Testing of Welded Steel Tube (.pdf)
    Steady evolution of Non-Destructive Testing equipment has dramatically reduced the number of weld defects being sent to customers. However, even the best NDT equipment does nothing to prevent those defects from occurring. Total reliance on NDT technology can lead to serious losses in productivity
  • Medical Device Link .
    in its various forms. Building a Better Strip Reader When read visually, strip assays are at best semiquantitative, because they are based purely upon the visual capabilities and incapabilities of humans. When read electronically, however, those same test strips can produce data that are as good
  • Ensuring Tight Seals (.pdf)
    become the. 1 Disc. the risk of hard metal-to-metal. industry testing standard for aero. 1. 2. 2 Seal strips stemmed into rotor. 6. rubs. These rub grooves influence. and industrial turbine OEMs. 3 Gas burner. 3. 4 Drive stage, radial and axial. seal leakage and overall engine ef-. incursion driven
  • Tin Vs. Bare
    into long term contact with certain metals. Over time the oxygen will combine with the metal at an atomic level, forming a new compound called an oxide. When the metal forms an oxide it will weaken the bonds of the metal itself. If the base metal is iron, you get iron oxide, if it's copper, you get
  • Comparative Corrosion Resistance of RU- and Pd- Modified C.P. Titanium Alloys (.pdf)
    . Anodic Repassivation Potential. 5% NaCl**. boiling/pH 3.5. -. (+ 200 mA/cm2). Hydrogen Absorption. 85% acetic acid. 200°C. 7 days. + 5000 ppm HBr. *All solutions were naturally-aerated **Base and weld metal tested. 246. Testing was conducted on 0.58-2.0 mm thick cold-rolled and annealed strip
  • Medical Device Link .
    Test strips and lateral-flow devices A contract firm uses an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for diagnostic test strips and lateral-flow devices. Compatible with backed or unbacked nitrocellulose, GL-187 adhesive can be laid down on white PVC, white polystyrene, and white and clear polyester
  • Medical Device Link . Treatment Enhances Cutting Blades
    , rubber can dramatically wear down an edge's sharpness. As a manufacturer of rubber strips for ECG electrodes, ConMed Corp. (Utica, NY) understands the problems that cutting blades can encounter with rubber. ConMed's small, one-time-use rubber strips are manufactured to hold the lead wires in place

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