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  • The challenge of metal replacement
    Justin Cunningham - Editor Engineering Materials - discussing the subject of metal replacement, in particular engineering plastics as a replacement material. Layout 1 Summer 2013 • A Eureka publication. Hydrogen. The challenge. embrittlement. of metal. causes
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    This article provides general information about porous sintered metals made from metal powders, describes methods of manufacture and includes information concerning design data and applications. Porous metal materials have engineered, inter-connected porosity that are fabricated from metal powder
  • Material Testing: Monitoring Metal Fatigue Crack Growth
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the data acquisition and control solution for a prominent manufacturer of material used in the aviation and aerospace industries. Characterizing the growth rate of cracks in metal samples under repeated cyclical stress was critical to the customer. Material Testing
  • Metal to Plastic Conversion Material Selection
    A leading agricultural equipment OEM wanted to convert a structural part, required to withstand high impact and wear, from metal to plastic in order to reduce part cost and weight. Case Study – Metal To Plastic Conversion - EVCO Plastics. Company. History. Locations. Equipment List. Quality. People
  • Testing the Strength and Integrity of Welding Studs Attached to Sheet Metal
    Tester for In-House Cal. Testing of Various Suspension Bolts with Hand Torque Multiplier. Testing the Strength and Integrity of Welding Studs Attached to Sheet Metal. Tightening of Large Counter Weights on Equipment with Torque Wrench. Torque Measurement. Blog. Company. About Mountz. Core
  • International Metal Specifications Cross Reference Database
    This International Metals Specifications Cross-Reference database compares the World's ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys as classified in the 58 systems of 36 countries. International Metal Specifications Cross Reference Database - All Metals & Forge. Send Request for Quote 973-276-5000. f
  • ProSort Metal Sorter Solves Liberty's Problems
    an airless motorized paddle. separator and was interested in refining it. After several meeting to discuss Liberty’s. proSort airleSS metal recovery SyStem. needs, Eriez installed a 26-inch wide prototype. ProSort airless metal sorter separator for field-. testing at Liberty’s facility. The goal
  • Nonmetallic Case: Adhesive Bonding Failure on Metal Part
    : Adhesive Bonding Failure on Metal Part. About Us | Request Information | Request a Quote | Client Satisfaction Survey | News| Mailing List. News. RSS News Feed. Categories. Environmental Testing. Food and Microbiology. General. Metallurgical Testing. Nonmetallic Testing. Petrochemical. Sherry