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  • Flow Meters-Image
    Flow Meters - (1654 companies)
    Flow meters (flowmeters) and flow sensors are devices used for measuring the flow rate or quantity of a moving fluid or gas. How to Select Flow Meters. Image Credit: Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Flow meters are devices for measuring...
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    Process Media Type
    Aggressive / Corrosive Process Media
  • Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components-Image
    Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components - (17 companies)
    Meter provers and flow proving components provide a known traceable volume to simulate actual operating conditions to test and verify the performance of flow meters and transfer meters. Flowmeter accuracy is very important in many industries...
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  • Gas Flow Meters-Image
    Gas Flow Meters - (427 companies)
    Gas flow meters are used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in an enclosed pipe or passage. How to Select Gas Flow Meters. Image Credit: OMEGA Engineering Inc., Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Gas flow meters are used...
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  • Liquid Flow Meters-Image
    Liquid Flow Meters - (600 companies)
    Liquid Flow Meters. Image Credit: ABB Measurement Products. Liquid flow meters are used to measure the volumetric flow rate or amount of a moving liquid. With some devices, the flow rate is determined by measuring the liquid's velocity, a function...
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  • Flow Transmitters-Image
    Flow Transmitters - (250 companies)
    Description. Flow transmitters provide electrical outputs that are proportional to flow inputs. They use flow meters to measure the flow of liquids and gases. Flow transmitters use three basic types of meters: mass, volumetric, and velocity. Meter...
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    Flow Switches - (366 companies)
    ...also be used to trigger an alarm and provide protection to a system if necessary. While all flow switches are flow meters, not all flow meters are flow switches because they are not all equipped with the ability to control flow rate. The switch...
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    Flow Cytometers - (22 companies)
    Flow cytometers use laser beams to characterize single cells as they pass by at high speed. Flow cytometers are used to rapidly count and identify bacteria, cells, and other biological particles. Although flow cytometers measure only one cell...
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    Positive Displacement Flow Meters - (163 companies)
    Positive Displacement Flow Meters Information. Positive displacement flow meters measure the volume or flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes. These devices consist of a chamber that obstructs the media...
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    Solids Flow Meters - (31 companies)
    Solids flow meters measure the flow rate of bulk solids, powders, grain, etc. Solids Flower Meters Information. Solids flow meters measure and monitor the flow rate of bulk solids, powders, and grains. Solids flow meters are used extensively...
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    Air Flow Sensors - (268 companies)
    Air velocity flow sensors measure air velocity or volume flow using insertion probes or capture hoods. Air Flow Sensors Information. Air flow sensors are inserted into a duct or pipe through an access hole to measure air velocity. In other instances...
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  • Effects of Natural Environmental Changes on Soil-Vapor Extraction Rates
    Flow rate data are now measured with venturi flow meters ( Gerand Engineering Co., Minnetonka, MN).
  • Research on the HYLIFE liquid-first-wall concept for future laser-fusion reactors
    main valve, 10 meters downstream from the main valve theflowbranched into two 1" (2.54cm Each of the i" pipes contained a Gerand venturi (connected to a water manometer for flow measurement) and a secondary valve (used to fine tune the flow rate).
  • HVAC: Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb, Second Edition > Equipment Manufacturers
    Badger Meter , Inc., Industrial Div. Flow Design, Inc. Gerand Engineering Co.
  • P02 ‐ Radionuclide production
    B. Gerand G. Nowogrocki, J. Guenot and M. Figlarz, J. Solid State Chem. (1979) 29, 427. [O-15]Water has been widely used for measurements of cerebral blood flow , cerebral oxygen utilization, and … … beam experiments (2, 3), which requires sending batches of radioactive gas over 350 meters to the ion …
  • To chloroform anesthesia
    … middle finger a willingly held T r ou v 6 ' elektrisehe probe electric circuit of which … I lowered to the sample the blade in the rigid arm and ftihrte I-Iautschnitt. … the wound, thue always touched ieh alas the whole Wundfi ~ icheund country on the Humerus eino naeh down seharf like ieh with the finger fi~itenartig, scharfrandig vorspringendeKante and an ebensolche on the inner S ~ gerand of the Ulna~!die ieh …
  • Understanding the Dehumidification Performance of Air-Conditioning Equipment at Part-Load Conditions
    Capacity Curve for Gerand Venturi Model 3/4" - 550 … pressure measurements for each day was applied prior to determining the chilled water flow rate using the … A clamp-on flow meter may also be used to correlate valve position to actual flow rate.
  • Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    [15] B. Gerand , G. Nowogrocki, J. Guenot and M. Figlarz, Structural study of a new hexagonal form … Hollow glass microspheres are finely dispersed, free- flowing powder consisting of thin- walled (0.5-2.0µm … Acetylene flow meter .
  • Abstracts
    J.P. Gerand … nale is disturbs ' e with decrease of ' rulaire glome filtration, blood flow re ' nal … This important measurement will contribute a` ame ' liorer the prognosis of the breast cancer at the …
  • Comprehensive Logistics
    … Storage performance units: load-unit-time [LU-day], pallet-day [pal-d], square meter -month [m2 -month … … and networks are performance stations linked by connections which transfer goods and information flows (see Fig. 1 … λE(t) = ROUND(λE · gTrend(t) · gCycl(t) · gDist(t) · gErand (t)) .
  • Comprehensive Logistics
    … Storage performance units: load-unit-time [LU-day], pallet-day [pal-d], square meter -month [m2 -month … … and networks are performance stations linked by connections which transfer goods and information flows (see Fig. 1 … λE(t) = ROUND(λE ·gTrend(t)·gCycl(t)·gDist(t)· gErand (t)) .