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  • Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter (.pdf)
    Turbine flow meters have been an effective flow measurement technology for many years. Advancements in other measuring technologies in recent years have provided many options when selecting a meter for a flow measurement application. Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter. Selection
  • A Primer on Flow Meter Calibration Techniques - Methods for Assessing the Performance of Your Measurement System
    . prover consists of a smooth-walled,. in for calibration. Depending upon the. flow path back to the reservoir to a flow. pre-calibrated displacement chamber. uncertainty of the meter requiring cali-. path into a holding tank. At the end of. housing a bypass piston. A shaft is. bration, an in-line
  • Field Calibrations
    ,. petroleum products, etc. for any "clean low viscosity. liquid ". System. Requirements: Must be highly accurate. Meter calibration must be traceable to NIST. Must be light-weight and portable. Must be economical. Solution: SY-14 Prover. This system consists of a transfer standard turbine. flowmeter
  • Petroleum Distribution in India
    Hoffer Flow Controls has completed work on a project for Reliance in Jumnagar, India. The scope of the project involved the supply of 57 custody transfer turbine flowmeters along with meter runs, signal conditioners and totalizers. The API Series of custody transfer turbine flowmeters was selected
  • Step Closer to the Holy Grail (.pdf)
    transfer systems. outward force caused by a. Double Block and Bleed. The American Natural. when billing based on improper. larger downward motion). expanding plug valve has just. Standards Institute (ANSI). meter calibration. And when. 4) Before the valve opens, or. been certified by TA Luft. The. has