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Parts by Number for Meter Seal Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
L990FDA8314APA5 PLC Radwell Wika Not Provided FLANGED SEALS: TYPE L990.FD
L99041GD8144A2AG PLC Radwell Wika Not Provided FLANGED SEALS: TYPE L990.35
L99027D8424AG4AZ PLC Radwell Wika Not Provided FLANGED SEALS: TYPE L990.27
R433035636 PLC Radwell Hamac Not Provided KIT PISTON & TUBE SEAL 2 1/2 BORE SEAL
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  • Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Controls Pasteurizer Flow
    tif 027 dairy mags Application. Food Industry. Note. Dairy. In the Dairy. Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Controls Pasteurizer Flow. Magnetic flow meters often play a critical role in control-. As it is forced through the plate exchanger hot water on. ling the flow rate on dairy
  • Recommended Best Practices for Security Sealing Programs
    : seal number, issue date/time, who issued the seal, where. assigned (person, container number, meter number or location) and any use information specific to your. organization such as departments, projects or client reference. o USE & APPLICATION data will vary according to your purpose but should
  • Heavy Duty Slide Gate Handling Slag
    Challenge: Customer required a slide gate that could seal the material handled, address its abrasiveness, and meter material flow. Slide Gate Handling Abrasive Materials. Go to ...Home Products - All Valves - Quantum Valves - Titan Valves - Loading Spouts - Engineered Solutions - Iris
  • Flow Research Magazine Special Report: Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meters (.pdf)
    In a "Worldflow Special Report," Flow Research magazine discusses Nice Instrumentation's new line of multi-variable vortex flow meters. This article also notes how a recent American Petroleum Institute draft standard may spur growth in the vortex flow meter market. Market Barometer Q2 2007.pdf
  • Leak Detection in Pipelines
    Hoffer Flow Controls continues to supply many "insertion" type turbine flowmeters to the petroleum pipeline industry. This type of meter is commonly used for leak detection and not custody transfer. Custody transfer applications are addressed with "in-line" axial flowmeters such as the Hoffer API
  • T-Minus 30 Minutes and Casting
    One way to eliminate rejects is to document the equipment, supplies and procedures necessary for each project ahead of time; prior to hand-mixing and pouring or meter-mix dispensing your material. A pre-casting checklist will help eliminate the need to scramble at the last minute, while your resin
  • Medical Device Link .
    issues. Diaphragm pumps transfer, evacuate, or compress gasses and vapours, and transfer or meter liquids. In addition to pumps that are incorporated into equipment or used in. EMDM - November 2003 - Showcase I. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source
  • Water conservation
    . The costs associated with reheating the flush water diluting the process can then be calculated. Another smaller study yielded similar results. This study was done using an non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter to monitor supply flow. Table 4 Water Use on Conventional Packing Arrangement On these five
  • Medical Device Link . Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results
    silicone-rubber elastomers. Liquid silicone rubber is supplied to the injection molding press by a meter/mix system that combines equal portions of the two elastomer components. Photo: Dow Corning Corp. This article focuses on the following key parameters in the LSR fabrication process: injection pressure
  • Controlling a Heat-Sealing Process That Takes Less Than 1 Second
    based. apply enough heat, a hermetic seal would on temperature measured by a variety of. not be achieved. If the equipment applied commercial meter relays and temperature. too much heat, the plastic would discolor controllers. The results were disappoint-. and even melt, turning the seal into a cut