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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
M12120BF10BP Global Industrial Kanebridge Corporation Not Provided M12-1.75x120 Din 6921 Class 10 Point 9 Metric Flange Bolt Screw Black Phosphate, Pkg Of 100
M1270BF10BP Global Industrial Kanebridge Corporation Not Provided M12-1.75x70 Din 6921 Class 10 Point 9 Metric Flange Bolt Screw Black Phosphate, Pkg Of 100
M620BF10BP Global Industrial Kanebridge Corporation Not Provided M6-1.0x20 Din 6921 Class 10 Point 9 Metric Flange Bolt Screw Black Phosphate, Pkg Of 1000
26500 Global Industrial Precision Brand Products Not Provided 330 Piece Metric Shoulder Screw (Stripper Bolt) Lengthening Shim Assortment
AM-06 Global Industrial Progressive Hydraulics, Inc Not Provided Push-Lok Hose Fitting, 12mm Banjo Bolt With Din Metric Thread, Steel
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  • The nuts and bolts of ceramic fasteners
    fasteners ranging from /4-20 to 0-80, and up to 3-in. long. We also manufacture metric fasteners for European markets (2 to 6 mm and up to 75-mm long). So it seems there is a definite market for re-liable fasteners that are electrically nonconductive, nonmagnetic, and capable of withstanding
  • Dimensions of Counterbores & Bolt Holes for Socket Head Cap Screws per JIS B 1176:1998 (.pdf)
    When designing a mechanism, there may be a requirement to secure two components. This is typically done using socket head cap screws. The enclosed table details the standardize sizes of the required holes to accept the commonly used metric screw sizes. ./89d5ef85-b9ac-4982-bf4c-b3a8581c3ba8
  • Engineering Tips: Choosing the Right Leveling Device
    . The stud is easy to attach, and the position can be locked using a jam nut, typically included. Standard stud lengths are available, and you also have the option of cutting the stud to length. Shown here to the left is the stud version of our Ny-Levs. We offer tapped and stud Ny-Levs in inch and metric
  • Medical Device Link .
    the need for manual adjustment. Most values can be set in either metric or standard units. But versatility is not the system's only feature. The 2000f welder is also equipped with an advanced power supply that. MPMN (Equipment News) - June 2001. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link
  • Cylindrical Trilock Design
    be completely stable as to size and roundness. The annular gage is equipped with two screw-in ball handles of the type commonly used on machines for easy handling. home. Threaded Gages Price List. Metric Thread Gage Price List. Pin Gage Price List. Step Gage Price List. Pin Gage Library Set Price List. Plain
  • A Guide To Torque Values (.pdf)
    . Formulae. Accepted formulae relating torque and tension, based on many tests are: M = P x D. M = torque lbf.ft. 60. P = bolt tension lbf. D = bolt dia.ins. Or for metric sizes: M = P x D. M = torque N.m. 5000. P = bolt tension Newtons. D = bolt dia. mm. These formulae may be used for bolts outside
  • Thermoplastic Joining Techniques (.pdf)
    to account for the differing. and fastener heads, because these help. coefficients of thermal expansion. See. distribute the assembly force over larger. page 12 for a discussion of this topic. Washer. areas (see figure 2). Hex and. Square. Table 1. U.S. & Metric Threads. Fillister. Unified National. Outer
  • Self-Sealing Fastening Without Chemistry
    , is available from a #2-56UNC-2A to a ¼-28UNF-2A, in lengths from 5/16. to 1¼ inches, metric pan head screws are available from M2 to M6 thread. When. an APM SEELNUT® is used, a silicone insert is incorporated where the top 2 or 3. threads would normally be located. However, the insert already has
  • Fundamentals of Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Handbook
    . be expressed. 60 lb. NA. Each of. Mass. in the English. those limits. Slipplate Mass. NA. 65 lb. units, lbf or. applies. Armature Mass. 23 lb. 23 lb. the metric. over a dif-. Total Mass. 150 lb. 155 lb. equivalent,. ferent fre-. kN. It is not. Acceleration Level. 10 g. 10 g. quency. uncommon. Force Required
  • white paper: Shoulder Screws
    are available in inch and metric sizes. The shoulder screw is comprised of three main features: The “head” which is the largest diameter, the. “shoulder” which is described by its diameter and length and the “thread” whose major diameter must. be slightly smaller than the shoulder diameter. When the thread

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